Introducing Nullary Sources

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

For a quite a while now, my friend ‘Ili Butterfield and I have been talking about starting a linkblog. Much to the surprise of both of us, however, it actually happened.

We call it Nullary Sources. (Be glad we didn’t use the original name, which was an awful takeoff on “Daring Fireball”).

While Nullary Sources has no set theme, as ‘Ili mentioned when he introduced it last week, so far we’ve put together pleasing mix of current events, video game music and baseball — pretty different from this site I would say.

The site is still young and we’re still exploring the format, but we haven’t really done anything like what I’ve been posting here, so I’m hoping to have plenty of juice to continue writing about technology and small business in this space. (Programming note: I’ve been intentionally keeping it quiet here the past week to give Nullary Sources a chance to stand up on its own. I’m pleased with how it’s gone so far.)

But who knows. Like most things on the internet, it’s pretty ephemeral — we’ve signed no contracts and have made no outside commitments. But at the same time I’m pretty fired up about it. I don’t think there’s anything else quite like it out there, and people seem to really like it so far.

Anyway, I hope you folks enjoy it. Here are a couple posts to give you a flavor for what we’ve published so far.