Paint it Black

Friday, February 15th, 2008

I’ve found that one of the best ways to raise my productivity is to reduce the number of things that badge, blink or flash. I’ve turned off badging in NetNewsWire and Mail, but up until today Twitterrific’s menu extra would turn blue when I had new tweets (twitters?), and more often than not I would go check and see what was up. Quitting Twitterrific was certainly an option, but I would rather have it easily accessible if I need to take a quick mental breather.

Here are step by step instructions on how to mod Twitterrific this way:

  1. Quit Twitterrific.
  2. Go to wherever you installed Twitterrific (probably your Applications folder).
  3. Control-click on and select Show Package Contents
  4. A window will come up. Open the Contents folder.
  5. You’ll see more folders. Open the Resources folder.
  6. Find and select alert.tif and rename it to alert-backup.tif (or back it up somewhere else).
  7. Make a copy of menuitem.tif and rename that copy to alert.tif.
  8. Relaunch Twitterrific.

That’s it! Take note that this mod is only really useful if you don’t have Twitterrific set to show its window every time you get new tweets, and you have Twitterrific set to show up in the menubar.


  1. Christopher Bowns replied on February 15th, 2008:

    Nice. Thanks so much for figuring this out: it was one of my continual, “Damn it, that’s encouraging my ADD”, but was never annoyting enough to get on my radar as something to fix.

  2. Jacob Farkas replied on February 15th, 2008:

    Thanks for the Twitterrific tip! Although in my copy of Twitteriffic (3.0.1) “menuitem.tif” was called “menubar.tif”