Sharing Mozilla Mercurial Repositories

Monday, October 15th, 2007

I just finished writing the documentation for creating user clones on Thanks to Aravind and the rest of the IT team for making it possible to do this!

One of the things that has been oft requested is a place that’s easier to clone from than cvs-trunk-mirror. I took the time this morning to create such a place: cvs-trunk-base. For now it’s hosted as a user clone, but if enough people use it, we should probably move it to

To create a new clone, you’ll do something like:

    % hg clone
    % cd cvs-trunk-base
    % python checkout

The last step will pull changes in from cvs-trunk-mirror, NSS and NSPR CVS and then everything should just work like normal.

The one shortcoming of this repository is that the .hgignore is very basic. You’ll probably want to create your own clone with a better .hgignore, depending on how you have your build set up, and clone any further repos you want off that.

Also note that there is no .mozconfig included, so you’ll need to create that, again depending on how you want to set up your build. I don’t recommend version controlling it, it is too easy to accidentally push changes in your .mozconfig around.

If anyone has any suggestions for a better setup, point me at a clone and I’ll be happy to pull from you.