Friday, October 12th, 2007

So, apparently, Dreamhost kills resource consuming processes with a script, including hg, while it’s trying to respond to pull requests. ulimit? What’s that! So don’t try to run hgwebdir.cgi to serve your Mercurial repositories on Dreamhost!

So for now, my Adium repository and all other mercurial repositories hosted there are effectively down, while I find another place to stash them. So much for my plans to publish my Mozilla repositories there.

I wonder if will accommodate me?


  1. Benjamin Smedberg replied on October 13th, 2007:

    Mozilla community members can host ‘personal’ hg repositories at, but right now they are only avialable via ssh: see bug 397766

  2. Fred Wenzel replied on October 14th, 2007:

    What an ugly start to the whole mercurial thing :-/