On Hosting

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I’ve been on the intertubes lately, and you know what? For all the complaining people do about Dreamhost (not going to name names), I haven’t had a single problem with them the past few days. They have been as solid as a rock. In fact, I’ve never had Dreamhost go down on me due to actual load issues that I could tell. It’s always been for a totally random reason that has nothing to do with me or this tiny website.

I’d been considering moving my hosting somewhere else, but after their server handled an order of magnitude increase in number of requests without batting an eyelash, I’m actually impressed. Looks like i’ll be sticking around on Dreamhost for a while longer.

And of course, I’m still nowhere near my disk space or bandwidth limits, which are practically infinte (at least to someone with my needs).

Good stuff.


  1. topher1kenobe replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I’ve used dreamhost for years, and one issue. In addition, there have been a number of times where I screwed something up, and they had already anticipated my particular brand of stupidity and I was able to fix things myself with minimal effort.

    They rock, speaking from long-term experience.

  2. llbbl replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I like dreamhost. They have problems in the past, but it is nothing that I can’t live with. Of the shared hosting companies, it is hard to find anything better.

  3. CHz replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I got the same DH plan as you a few days after you did. As just a general file dump, I’ve had next to no problems with it, and the price-to-space-and-bandwidth ratio lets me overlook the occasional downtime and instances where Apache just seems to go down for no reason.

    I have definitely heard about load problems, though, but with just a WP blog that no one reads and I never update (;__;), I’ve had no CPU usage issues whatsoever.

  4. JC replied on October 14th, 2007:

    Your web page didn’t load the first time I clicked it. I had to manually reload after 5 seconds. Are you SURE you are getting good page loads and uptime? How would you tell? I am also on dreamhost and I will be switching soon. I have a couple different blogs using word press, and it takes one of them over 25 seconds to display the blog page. That’s horrible service. All I want is a reliable blog service with my own domain and some simple e-commerce, and dreamhost can’t provide the uptime or the response time.

  5. JC replied on October 14th, 2007:

    And what’s even worse, I didn’t receive a page when I posted that comment above. I had to click a bunch of times all around until I finally got the page back. I’d say there is something wrong with your server. Maybe you just aren’t noticing it.

  6. Colin replied on October 14th, 2007:

    I think it’s something wrong with WP Cache, JC.

    And if you notice my more recent posts, I’m no longer a happy camper. Dreamhost’s policy on “long running” programs and not using ulimit means that I can’t use my disk space and bandwidth the way I want to. I’ll just take that aspect of my business elsewhere.

    Edit: Yup, turning off wp-cache fixed the issue. Thanks for letting me know!

  7. Colin replied on October 14th, 2007:

    Alright, it seems that it was a problem with wp-cache and php5. Additionallly, it seems to be fixed in wp-cache 2.1.2. Awesome.