Firefox on the Mac

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Update: Thanks for the great response, everyone. I’ve closed the comments here, since it’s been quite a while since I posted this and development of Firefox 3 is wrapping up. I hope to do another one of these after Firefox 3 is released.

This post has been a while coming, but mconnor asked me to blog about this sooner rather than later, so here we are.

As the Firefox release cycle marches onwards, there’s been a lot of talk about what sort of things are really affecting people day to day that we should fix, particularly on the Mac. If it’s anything, Mac users love to nitpick (guilty as charged).

So, fellow Appleites, I put it to you: What sucks about Firefox on the Mac? Send mail to macfirefox at this domain, and let me know what you think.

To start you off, here are some things I know people want:

  • Native Form Widgets (currently scheduled for Firefox 3)
  • Keychain Integration
  • Firefox should have a Unified toolbar (not completely hopeless, it turns out)
  • Performance could be better (as always)

If you’ve got more specific nits, that’s great, mail it in. If you think the stuff already on here is really important, I want to hear about it. If there are features in Camino/Safari/OmniWeb/iCab that you absolutely can’t live without, tell me. The more mail I get about this, the better.

Feel free to help get the word out that I’m taking suggestions, by the way.


  1. mpmchugh replied on April 20th, 2007:

    Though native form widgets would be nice, they still need to be controllable with CSS, as webKits are going to be.

    Also, the Firefox theme in the current version is pretty bad and un-mac-like. They should bring back Kevin Gerich’s Pinstripe theme, the latest version of which is light years better than the stock Firefox Mac theme.

  2. WeSaySo replied on April 21st, 2007:

    A final decision needs to be done on how Mac windows will be closed, and the decision needs to be done by a Mac user. Currently, if I try to close the last tab on a window, the window gets blanked but remains open. This even happens if I have more than one window open. The excuse is that it’s for platform parity (avoid terminating program), but this behavior is 180deg different than every other Mac application plus totally unnecessary.

    Closing the last tab should close the window on a Mac. At worst, if the last tab will only be blanked with ctrl-w, make this happen only on the last window.

    Bug 348031

  3. Doc_G replied on April 21st, 2007:

    My main recommendation is of course speed. As a Mac user we are all concerned with the time it takes to upload and download items. If you take a look at the article link posted below you will see that Firefox does not quite line up with Webkit and especially Omniweb.

    As a Firefox fan my first wish is to have the fastest browser… the second wish is to possibly make the UI a bit more Mac like. It feels too much like our PC brother.

    Thanks for the post.

  4. jkreijkamp replied on April 21st, 2007:

    I would like to see Growl integration: - notifies finished download - notifies RSS feed change

  5. Halfzerocan replied on April 21st, 2007:

    Help improve Firefox on a Mac…

    Firefox developer Colin Barrett urges Firefox users in Macs to report “What sucks about Firefox on the Mac?”, email it to ……

  6. jonathan replied on April 21st, 2007:

    The address bar should be conform to the same editing contols as every other text entry in the entire mac world. That is one of the main reasons I refuse to use firefox for more than 5 minutes at a time on the mac.

    Down arrow should jump you to the end of the location bar. Up arrow should jump the cursor to the front of the location bar. This requires a change to how the location bar works now because down currently pops up the history, but that’s still inexcusable. Basic functionality is broken.

    The url history should autocomplete based on the text being input into the box. only after typing has begun, should down and up navigate the history dropdown. Up and down as the first action should navigate the bar as expected

  7. pohodo replied on April 21st, 2007:

    One thing that annoys me is not being able to tab to select menus in forms. It always skips those form elements.

  8. purecharger replied on April 21st, 2007:

    PLEASE fix the bug with when you are browsing that site and hold down the apple/command key, focus is shifted to the search box!!!! This is very annoying because the way you open links in tabs is with apple key+mouse click. So when you hold down the apple key to open a link in a new tab, focus is shifted to the search box and your link is lost…please Fix!!! this is already logged as a bug in bugzilla….but please fix.

  9. taj jackson replied on April 21st, 2007:

    I would love to see better handling of embedded color profiles in the next version of Firefox for the mac. Maybe being able to emulate different profiles and their settings.

  10. amster0912 replied on April 21st, 2007:

    I don’t know if it is not a feature or if it is something that I can not get to work, but for the life of me, I can not get my Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in working with Firefox. When I install it, it does not recognize Firefox. But it works perfectly fine for Safari.

  11. dvshelley replied on April 21st, 2007:

    There are a handful of things that are broken/not the same on Firefox for the Mac compared with Firefox on Windows or Linux. I think those things should have a priority. Right now as a developer I have to test/write custom code for Firefox for the Mac. That’s not a good thing.

    Example: Go to It’s a fairly straight forward sudoku site with a bunch of key combinations to help you do the puzzles. One that doesn’t work on Firefox for the Mac is +#. Evidently detecting +something doesn’t work on the Mac like it does for Firefox on other platforms.

  12. achaudhary replied on April 21st, 2007:

    How about not losing part of the vertical scrollbar under the resize handle when there’s no status bar? This is an amateurish bug that has always plagued Firefox on OS X.

  13. blacksmith_tb replied on April 21st, 2007:

    I’m not even that crazy about native form widgets (the ghastly aqua widgets pretty much keep me from using Safari, along with making web developers everywhere grit their teeth), but the idea of bundling mac-friendly themes is a good one (along w/ pinstripe, I like the GrApple themes, personally). It would also be nice to reveal all the open tabs in the dock contextual menu, rather than only the one with focus currently.

  14. nonregulator replied on April 21st, 2007:

    A few things.

    The theme is absolutely terrible on mac. While I generally dislike the theme on any platform, it sticks out much worse on mac. I agree with the previous poster about the latest pinstripe version. I use it in addition to uno to have a much nicer looking browser. I mean what’s the point of having nice Cocoa widgets if your icons make your browser look terrible.

    Better Mac integration would be nice also. For example adding Growl support for system messages would be a useful optional feature, or allow it be uno-fied to allow greater appearance customization. Also adoption of safari’s progress bar like fusion would be nice, but built it to prevent issues with other themes.

    Beyond that really making Firefox a faster and more efficient browser for OS X would be my biggest request.

    Oh and that stupid arrow button next to the search box, get rid of that. I had to actually just go and press it to actually remember what it does even.

    Good luck ironing out all the problems with Cocoa Widgets and switching to Cairo.

  15. jayk replied on April 21st, 2007:

    I’m certainly interested in the polish and cocoa-ification of FF - There is a big issue that’s causing mac people to abandon FireFox.

    It’s been around for 2 years, has gotten worse lately, has been filed and is reproducible by the files attached to the bug.

    Bug 306276

  16. evan replied on April 21st, 2007:

    The biggest problem that I see with FireFox for the Mac is that it’s the same as FireFox on the PC. I’d like to see the FireFox team really think creatively about creating a really “Mac-Like” environment for their browser. Look at what the iPhone can do with a stripped down version of OS X, FireFox with the power of Mac OS could really change the way people surf the web. Take Disco, for example. You could just port the PC version of Nero over and have a burning program. Or, you could totally re-think the whole thing and creatively use the power of OS X to make something old, new.

  17. conservohippie replied on April 21st, 2007:

    Make the green zoom button function as it does in Safari. Make it expand the window to the maximum size needed to display the page, and that’s it.

  18. boltronics replied on April 21st, 2007:

    Full screen mode! Definitely!

  19. serpicolugnut replied on April 21st, 2007:

    I’ll second the request to use Kevin Gerich’s Pinstripe theme as the default. It is far and away a better fit for the Mac than the current default theme.

  20. metric152 replied on April 21st, 2007:

    Update the program to support the Home and End keys.

    I second the idea of closing the window when I close the last tab in the active window.

    Also fix the bug where the browser snaps to a fixed position when the download window is open in the background.

  21. fromonesource replied on April 21st, 2007:

    wesayso - I am using and I am able to close a window without terminating the application. This did bother me for a long time, was resolved, and then reverted back to the problem you’re describing, but now it seems to be good.

    The theme definitely needs to go. It’s the only application I use that looks like a windows app to me. I could add a theme but I really don’t like those things, I’d like it if firefox just matched the mac look and feel and those who didn’t like it could change it (versus the other way around).

    The number one thing that bothers me about web browsers (firefox included) is when a website with sound cuts into the middle of something I’m watching or listening to. There NEEDS to be a way to tell firefox to disable sound. At least in Safari we can disable plugins, it’s not an ideal solution, but it’s something.

    Syncing the bookmarks and history with other computers on a network would be very great also.

    Sorry this list is getting long but something needs to be done about bookmarks. I’m not sure what but I put bookmarks in my list with the intention to go back later but never visit 90% of them again because it’s just too damn hard to sort through a list of hundreds of items.

  22. fromonesource replied on April 21st, 2007:

    I made a mistake in my previous post, the window closes when the option ‘always show tabs’ is off. when it’s on, you cannot command+w to close the last window.

  23. hoco replied on April 21st, 2007:

    The only thing I’d like to see is that when I open a new tab, I’d like it to go to my home page. Why must it display a blank page?

  24. mick3000 replied on April 21st, 2007:

    To make sure the last tab window closes, you need to change your preferences. In the Tabs preferences, uncheck “Always show the tab bar.”

  25. boybunny replied on April 21st, 2007:

    Well I remember the last time I asked for a UI fix … it was far from pleasant. All I wanted was the Delete key to work the way it used to (and every other browser works).

    Well I have not used Firefox since that time as I ended up switching to Camino. Keep this in mind because I do not know what the current feature set is for Firefox.

    Camino has a great “view source” button that can be set up on the toolbar.

    I really would like the following. A user definable URL or page filter. As I do not want to be tricked into visiting Dvorak rantings I would like to block where he posts. As I search google or similar I want to block the URLs that flood the search results with adverts on slightly different pages. I bet there are tons of uses for this… if no one has worked on one yet.

    quick fill in the address bar needs to be linked to the bookmark menu so URLs do not time out if they have been bookmarked.

  26. grubesteak replied on April 21st, 2007:

    It’s not that hard really.

    Use Firefox on Windows for a month doing all the regular tasks you normally do.

    Notice how it’s superior to the Mac version.


  27. chrisfarber replied on April 21st, 2007:

    One particular problem I have with Firefox is text rendering; there’s a variety of problems with it that always drive me back to Safari. Also, scrolling (via two-finger scrolling, for example) does not match the rate or fluidity of other applications in OS X.

  28. keyrunner replied on April 21st, 2007:

    My biggest problem with the Mac version, which does not exist on either Windows or Linux verions that I also use, is the launch time for the program. On 3 out of the 4 macs I use, the program now takes 6-10 minutes to launch to useable window. Such performance is unacceptable and has caused me reluctantly to switch browsers. I know that the problem is Firefox (using since I even uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox and also did an archival reinstall of OS X when the launch time became so bad.

  29. quegi66 replied on April 21st, 2007:

    I have an odd bug where firefox windows will jump back to the exact position of another firefox windows when I try to move it.

    2 windows in position A and B. Move window A to position C. Instead of staying at point C, window A will exactly match window B’s position.

    This problem is only resolved by letting it “beam” window A onto window B. Then move window B or any other firefox window you have open. NOW, ifyou move window A, all is right in the world.

    This problem may be related to dual display support. I usually run with an external monitor on my Intel Core Duo Macbook Pro, with top vid card and 2G ram.

    Any help would be great. Has been bug for me sine FF2.0-ish. THANKS!

  30. Help Improve Firefox for Mac… » iHac. replied on April 22nd, 2007:

    […] don’t go lightly on ‘em. The more critiques, the better the browser. Do your worst! Trackback This Post | Subscribe to the comments through RSSFeed                               […]

  31. replied on April 22nd, 2007:

    put the addon function into camino and there is no need for ff anymore … (make that and many people will witch from safari to camino …)

    someone tried ff one a pb 12”? it sucks, ff needs to much performence. safari, camino or shiira are wunderfoll on the pb, but ff …

    the problem with closing the whole window, after some opened tab is canging with each version. it works, with it doesnt work. and now with .3 it seems to work again …

  32. mikenew replied on April 22nd, 2007:

    I’d like to see the Bookmarks Toolbar bugs sorted out. Currently, no secondary operations work on bookmarks placed within folders. This includes drag-and-drop sorting and context menu access; all you can do is open them.

    Nitpick: A config.trim_on_minimize equivalent, so that the memory cache can be dumped at any time with a click of a button or two.

    Otherwise, FFx on OSX is excellent. Thanks!

  33. rrogers3 replied on April 22nd, 2007:

    emacs key bindings — all cocoa apps have it.

    it’s the only reason i use safari

    that and a bit of speed.

  34. damacster replied on April 22nd, 2007:

    I would like to see AppleScript support, especially the ability to run JavaScript using AppleScript as in Safari. Other than that, my number one reason for not using FireFox are the non-mac controls.

  35. isiah replied on April 22nd, 2007:

    Right-click on firefox icon - ability to open new window

  36. peldone replied on April 22nd, 2007:

    I stopped using Firefox after I downloaded Firefox 2. It was just too slow in too many ways. When I download a file I can’t do anything else for many seconds. Overall, Firefox has the range of features that I would like to use in a browser. I would like to see two things added. Private browsing similar to what is in Safari and saving open tabs. When I use Firefox I force quit it so that it will open all the tabs that I had previously open.

  37. branto replied on April 22nd, 2007:

    In addition to the other remarks above, I would love to see the behavior of the network stack to perform like Camino/Safari by using whatever settings the system uses.

    To illustrate this, using a proxy server is configured separately in FF, instead of inheriting the settings used by the System Configuration Preferences.

  38. oberhaus replied on April 22nd, 2007:

    It would be nice to have .Mac integration to sync bookmarks between both Safari and Firefox on other Macs that I have…

  39. astrosmash replied on April 22nd, 2007:

    • High resolution scrolling (Bug 319078)
    • Firefox sets incorrect file and creator types on downloaded files. (Bug 236389)
    • Firefox used obsolute InternetConfig database to determine mime-type/application associations
    • Can’t drag proxy icon to bookmark toolbar
    • Text insertion point continues to blink after switching to another application
    • Cmd+W does not close window
    • Download window should always accept double-click even if the window isn’t initially active (like Finder)
    • If an inactive window eats the first click, its controls should appear disabled while the window is inactive
    • All download window items should be the same height. Currently, in-progress items are twice as tall as finished items
    • People usually save to the desktop. Firefox shouldn’t create the finished file until the partial file download is complete. It clutters the desktop otherwise. Also, it’s more difficult for the user to determine whether the download is complete by looking at the desktop.
    • Partial download files aren’t used in some cases (Shift-click?)
    • Partial download files should have their own Firefox icon so the user can tell that a file is being downloaded
    • Partial download files should not be deleted if the download is canceled, to the allow the user to resume downloads.
    • If Applescript is used to open Firefox with a specific URL, two browser windows are opened.
    • Customized keyboard shortcuts don’t take effect until the corresponding menu is opened.
    • Tree-view and combo box controls don’t handle horizontal scrolling correctly; treat as page-up/page-down
    • Mighty Mouse side buttons can be configured to be “Button 4”. Firefox should treat mouse Button 4 and Button 5 as Back/Forward commands.
    • Support Safari Cmd+Shift+[/] shortcuts for switching tabs.
    • Window Zoom should set browser width to fit content, rather than just blindly maximize
    • New browser windows aren’t placed correctly / bottom clipped off bottom of screen
    • Support Cocoa text services (e.g. pop-up dictionary)
    • Bookmark menu scrolling is just all wrong. (when menu is on the bookmark toolbar)
    • Scenario (which Safari supports): Wake laptop from sleep, navigate to a web page. Browser displays ‘Network not available’ message in window because Wi-fi connection has not yet been established. When network becomes available browser automatically reloads to load the initial web page.
    • In URL Bar: select partial text and drag mouse above and to the right. Text to the left of the anchor point is selected, rather than the text to the right.

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

  40. astrosmash replied on April 22nd, 2007:

    One more: If Cmd+F or Cmd+G causes the window to scroll, the found text should be scrolled to the center of the window, not the bottom.

  41. herr_ernst replied on April 22nd, 2007:

    Firefox on the mac should just be like Camino. Only thing that I’m not satisfied with Camino is that there are no extensions. So Firefox looking and behaving like Camino PLUS extensions would be the greatest.

  42. akrodha replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    Hindi text displays properly on Firefox for Windows & Linux, as well as on Safari. But Firefox for Mac doesn’t. This has to do with the way Firefox handles ATSUI or something.

    On an unrelated note, Firefox (PC & Mac versions) doesn’t support the ruby tag specified in one of the recent XHTML definitions. This is a very useful tag for Japanese text, and I’d like to see it implemented.

  43. gometro33 replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    In addition to the command+w requests above, I’d like to be able to close property windows (like the one you see if you right-click and select Properties) that are in the selected/in the foreground.

    I know it seems like a nit-picky little thing that it’s just something that is consistent in all my apps but FF.


  44. physicistjedi replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    There are two things that I check at every new browser and Firefox fails on both. -Mac services (the one in the Firefox menu) must work (I mostly use services to clip pages into Devonthink) - Cmd-Return in forms (like wikipedia search) should give the results in a new tab. Cmd-Click on buttons should open new tabs as well. These are the reasons I am sticking to Safari.

  45. physicistjedi replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    Another things is the fonts. They somehow look much nicer on Safari.

  46. Stephanie Leary replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    Essentials: - native form widgets - up/down arrow keys should move the cursor to the start/end of form fields and the address bar (this drives me insane twenty times a day) - don’t skip drop-down boxes when I’m tabbing through form fields - borrow Camino’s bookmark management interface for FF

    On themes, see Tango 2.0 for another good example. (Basically it looks a lot like Camino, with somewhat rougher tabs.)

    I’m with everyone who wishes we could just have Camino with FF’s extension support. Camino is the browser of the gods, but unfortunately I must have extensions to do my job, and I’m stuck using FF.

  47. Stephanie Leary replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    Forgot to mention… Camino’s ad and popup blocker is FAR superior to FF’s, even with the AdBlock extension installed.

  48. sillybean replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    […] Do you use Firefox on a Mac? Tell Colin Barrett how it sucks. (Be specific. Evidently they’re hearing “Make it like Camino,” which I agree with, but they need to know how.) 9:43 am comment […]

  49. jsebrech replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    My nits: - Replace the theme with something that fits in with the rest of OS X. - Speed, speed, speed. And memory use too. - Make the dock menu do something useful, like “open a new window” or “view downloads”.

  50. nadyne replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    Respect the OS X network settings. My employer uses proxy servers, so I use the Locations extensively to save the appropriate proxy settings for each work location. But I have to set them manually in Firefox. When I’m travelling extensively between our various locations, each of which has its own local proxy server, I either have to use another web browser or I have to manually change them.

    There are many other issues, but this is the single biggest blocker to me using Firefox more frequently.

  51. icampillo replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    Firefox for the mac tooooo slow to launch, takes forever compared with safari. Only reason I never use it.

  52. wnissen replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    Ditto on using the tab key between drop-down form widgets. This works on every other platform except the Mac, and it’s obnoxious.


  53. kais replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    • Fix text rendering! Zimbra is especially hard to use on Intel Macs

    • Improve performance! Firefox grows ever more sluggish the longer it is open. 3 windows with 5-7 tabs each should not bring my G5 with lots of RAM to it’s knees, yet it happens every day.

    • Get rid of or fix the tool-tippy message “Drag and drop this icon to create a link to this page” that appears when you try to drag an address from the address bar to the bookmarks bar.

  54. mattw replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    More speed would be nice.

    Also, add support for the Apple network settings as an option you can turn on, and have it turned on by default.

    So proxies would be : {o} System Preferences { } Direct connection { } Auto detect { } Manual

  55. spikez43 replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    I would love to be able to save a session and load it up again, which firefox does when it crashes (nice touch), but I always seem to open 10 tabs and then need to pack up and shut off my computer, and then have to go and refind all those sites again. Also, why does it take so long to start up?

    Thanks for the opportunity. I hope you see that these are what your biggest fans are asking for in a browser. Thanks for all your efforts!

  56. richcon replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    My solution for fixing Firefox:

    1. Port FireFox plugins to Camino
    2. Rebrand Camino as “Firefox Mac”
  57. pedja replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    Hi. I am thrilled you blogged about this. The one HUGE thing for me is Firefox’s inability to display PDFs inline. This could be remedied on PPC Macs with the PDF Browser Plugin, but the plugin has not been made universal (no updates since 2005), so it does not work on Intel Macs.

    Why does this matter? Well, most of the research database providers (like Ovid) try to open pdfs of full text articles in a frame, making it impossible to download the pdf. The OK button is always grayed out, and one cannot access the file at all. So, I end up having to use Safari for all research work. Of course, I forget that I need to do this, and remember only after I have spent a bunch of time on a search and I try to open a first article.

    Besides, it is 2007, after all. Shouldn’t all browsers be able able to display PDFs inline by now?

    If this one thing could be fixed (either through an extension or better yet, natively), Firefox would rock.

  58. vector replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    1) make it look like a mac app. don’t rip off camino, but try to make it as much or more mac-like than camino

    2) mac-only features. real ones too. not crappy ones like a dashboard widget.

    3) make the zoom button (the green + button) work as it should on a mac. ie: desired behaviour would be “fit to content”, -not- “fill screen”

  59. digitalmusings replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    Enhancement requests for Firefox (Mac)…

    The Firefox team is proactive engaging the Mac user community and are soliciting enhancement requests for the team to consider for future versions of the browser. I think this is a great approach that the team is taking and they are aware that the Mac…

  60. neelakan replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    I’d really really like a seamless pdf viewer. Yes, I am aware of the PDF Browser plugin, and no I don’t like it.

    OS X has built in support for pdf’s (from what little I understand, and from what I’ve seen with other applications such as Omni graffle).

    It is really the only thing that Safari has that I wish Firefox had.

  61. etchalon replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    In general, Firefox on the Mac needs to behave like a Mac application, as best it can.

    First, I’d look at using the system-wide services Apple provides for key features.

    Keychain should be used for password storage.

    The Address Book should be used for autofill.

    .Mac syncing should be available for Bookmarks.

    Second, I’d correct behaviors. Make sure basic key commands are right, and match the expected behaviors of OS X applications.

    Make sure text controls behave according to the Aqua UI Guidlelines.

    Then, I’d go in and fix all the annoying behavior bugs.

    I’d love to help out, but holy god is the Firefox codebase dense.

  62. margaret thatcher replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    I have a problem with fonts on the mac, especially symbols (eg. degrees) or non-Latin characters or characters with accents. No matter what I have done I could not make them work properly, where on Safari the showed fine. Also I like Safari’s RSS reader.

  63. pablo_marx replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    Just to repeat one of astrosmash’s items that bugs me a lot:

    • Support Cocoa text services (e.g. pop-up dictionary)
  64. crun replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    textwrangler has a simple option to toggle the home/end key behaviour from apple’s weird default to the way everyone else does it. i hacked platformHTMLBindings.xml to get the everyone else behaviour but it gets old having to patch a jar file on every update. an option/toggle from steve’s default to world default would be super. or a solid hint on how to provide this as an add-on …

  65. crzyhanko replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    Bug 349108, close button on wrong side of tab.

    Also, would be nice if mousing over a link showed what link you were going to in the address bar. Which is that? Omniweb? Me likes.

    Also, Loading progress in address bar like safari. I want all the information up there so that the status bar can die.

    which also means, popup blocked as icon on navigation toolbar, rather than status bar.

    ideally, bookmarks toolbar able to be placed on the same row as navigation bar. This worked for awhile but was broken last I checked. Great feature for on a widescreen display.

    to agree with an above suggestion, bookmarked addresses should appear in autocomplete.

  66. crzyhanko replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    two more suggestions.

    File save dialog sucks. Sometimes I have options to save to locations other than default, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I can use DownThemAll from the save dialog, sometimes I can’t.

    Would be nice if, after downloading a file, the web location was added to the note section of “get info” on the final file. After looking I guess this is now “spotlight comments”.

  67. lumineux replied on April 23rd, 2007:

    1. Tooltips and the bookmarks toolbar don’t play nicely. When I drag the url from the navigation bar to the bookmarks toolbar, I get a tooltip right on top of the point where I want to drop the url. Put the tooltip somewhere else - it’s annoying.
    2. Fix multiple monitors. Using my macbook pro, with firefox running, if I attach my desktop lcd and then move the firefox window there, things go really wonky. Tooltips and menus appear disjointed from the window, on the other monitor. Weird stuff. Try moving a big window onto a small monitor, it doesn’t resize automatically (both Safari and Camino do).
  68. semifamous replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Tabbing between form elements sucks. On Firefox for PC I can tab into checkboxes and turn them on anf off with the space bar. I can tab into select areas and control them with the arrow keys. But on Firefox for Mac, I can only control those form elements with my mouse.

  69. rabbashanks replied on April 24th, 2007:

    The single most irritating thing about Firefox is its performance. I realise that this is not easy to fix. But if you have lots of tabs open at once, all with embedded flash advertising winking away, it chews up a good 25% of my cpu. Is there no way the flash rendering could be disabled if the tab is not currently visible? This would make a big difference imho.

  70. endlessdetail replied on April 24th, 2007:

    1. Two-finger scrolling (via trackpad) isn’t as refined as it should be, compared with Safari etc.

    2. There are some GUI flaws. For instance, when a dialog pops down, the blue ring that surrounds buttons is badly rendered. By blue ring, I mean the selector that appears when you have ‘tab between all elements’ switched on in OS X.

  71. patrixmtl replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Text rendering is not funny…

  72. Grant Barrett replied on April 24th, 2007:

    I just tried to make Firefox my main browser again this week, to no avail. This is like the sixth time. It fails my trials every time because it’s not flexible enough, extensions be damned.

    1. The search bar that appears when I hit Apple-F is a major annoyance. I’m on a laptop, so I value my screen real estate. That little search panel is too big. It’s in the way. And it doesn’t disappear on its own. When I hit Apple-F, I should get a pop-up find dialog. Or else the search panel should disappear after a few seconds of search inactivity.

    2. Most of the themes are atrocious, especially the default one. Why is the font so large in the bookmarks toolbar? Why is the font so large in the tabs? Why is the font so large in the status bar?

    3. As has been mentioned, up-arrow should take the cursor to the start of a field, down-arrow should take the cursor to the end of a field.

    4. When I am filling in a form and I tab to a new field, that text in that field should not automatically be selected.

    5. Kerning blows in drop menus. See this image.

    6. Lack of services. I know Camino resolves this, but Camino is even worse than Firefox in a lot of ways. (Like, always asking me if I want to save a username/password combo, without giving me the option “never for this site.” Also with Camino and passwords: only looking at the domain name of an url when trying to figure out which username/pass combos belong to which sites, which is absolutely fatal for Google sites, since they all have as the base URL and a user (like me) could easily have different username/pass combos for each. So if you save the password to the keychain for one Google site, it assumes that’s the same combo for the others. Lame.)

    7. If I have a URL open and I reload that URL from outside of Firefox, perhaps by clicking on a link in an email, it opens a second copy of the URL in a new tab. It shouldn’t. It should reload in the tab where the URL is already open (or else this behavior should be alterable according to user preference).

  73. martinjhoward replied on April 24th, 2007:

    You have crippled the Arrow Up and Down keys that enable us to navigate to the front and back of a line of text in a text box - especially the google search box. Please fix. Otherwise this browser is awesome!

  74. nlx replied on April 24th, 2007:

    I think the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to correct the fact FF Mac is slow, and becomes more slow with time. And the fact its eating all the memory.

    This should be top priority, i don’t like so much the idea ppl are working on including Widgets or such fancy stuff no one need when this point is not fixed. After i would say :

    • mac integration (finder, iapp etc.)
    • mac interface integration (i agree GrApple should be the default theme and that the ‘stupid’ arrows near the search field should be eliminated).

    I hope i dont sound too rude, thank you for your work.

    PS. 2 others things that suck with FF is bookmarks (wow look how Safari is way better on this !) and printing (don’t why but tets is always too small unlike safari)

    Oh and i love the safari field becoming blue while the page is downloading but i suppose its copyrighted)

    sorry for my english

  75. fcbutler replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Get the tab sequence right. When I hit tab under safari it works as expected from one box to input to the next. However under Firefox it’s like playing roullette, you don’t know where it’ll end up. The other is when you click open it always downloads the file to the desktop. I don’t really want that, if I wanted to save it I would’ve clicked save then opened it from there. So ultimately I am always deleting files that I just wanted opened and not to keep. Speeding it up a bit would be nice.

  76. LvP replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Full .Mac integration. Like bookmarks, etc.

  77. ZEDenterprizes replied on April 24th, 2007:

    It would be really great if the font rendering on Firefox was as nice (or more nice than) the font rendering on Safari (see for a lengthy discussion of what I’m talking about).

  78. chris.holmes replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Tabbing through controls should recognize ALL controls to include the drop down list - it drives me nuts it does not.

    Also - the amount of memory usage is high and there does seem to be a leak somewhere.

  79. ender78 replied on April 24th, 2007:

    I want my favicons in the Bookmarks toolbar. No matter what I do I cannot get them to show up. Makes it easy to bookmark my most visited sites.

  80. lolokidd replied on April 24th, 2007:

    quote :

    Make the green zoom button function as it does in Safari. Make it expand the window to the maximum size needed to display the page, and that’s it.

    » I’d also say that’s the one thing that always drives me back to Safari…

  81. mrandre replied on April 24th, 2007:

    I use Firefox all day for development, but repeated attempts to impress it into normal use have not worked. Generally, the reasons have been “Not enough like OmniWeb”, though these situations are less common. With the Tab Thumbnails and saved sessions, this is less the case.

    One OmniWeb feature still missing is effortless site preferences. Basically, there are global settings for how to display web pages, and there are domain-specific settings that can override these settings. This is most useful for font sizes. Instead of manually zooming on the page, you pull up a pane, and say “For this web site, always increase the font x%.” So whenever you come back, the text is just the right size, with no further effort. You can relax ad filters. You can say “On this site, pretend my browser is Internet Explorer.”

    But as for the gripiest gripe, I think that would have to be the downloading experience on firefox. It’s always farking asking me what to do! Just put it in my inbox, like I told you! Open it with the Unarchiver, like I told you! None of my other browsers are so uncertain about downloads. I hate it! So much!

    Finally, I recommend Aaronax’s themes.

  82. scotty321 replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Here’s one of the many things that sucks about Firefox:


    When someone double-clicks on the Firefox.dmg file, you show them some cryptic bizarre symbols & hieroglyphics that are somehow supposed to make new users decipher that they’re supposed to drag Firefox to their Applications folder?? In all my years as a computer consultant, I have NEVER met one beginning or user who understands this concept, and Firefox is usually one of their very first downloads which makes things all the more confusing. How about making the Applications folder in the disk image actually work, instead of it just being some weird unusable symbol? How about putting some TEXT INSTRUCTIONS right there on the screen that tell the user what to do? It is absolutely ridiculous to expect & assume that the computer skills of the people trying to install FireFox are high enough to figure out what to do. You have no idea how many DOZENS UPON DOZENS of phone calls I have received on a monthly basis from people who are launching Firefox from the actual disk image itself, because they never understood how to drag Firefox to their Applications folder. But since they were smart enough to move Firefox to their dock, once they throw away the .dmg file they’re screwed — because they created an alias to the Firefox icon on the disk image instead. Please take a look at EVERY OTHER SINGLE MAC OS X APPLICATION in the world. They all come with INSTRUCTIONS ON THE DISK IMAGE itself that say “Drag this icon to your applications folder”, and it includes a WORKING APPLICATIONS FOLDER within the disk image. People need to be talked through this process. 95% of people don’t know how to install Firefox, and you give them absolutely no help whatsoever.

  83. scotty321 replied on April 24th, 2007:

    There is one simple reason why we haven’t switched to Firefox. It is the best & most little known feature of Safari, but we use it on a daily basis. In Safari, whenever you are typing within ANY form field, including the built-in Google search field that’s built into the Safari toolbar, and you hit COMMAND-RETURN to submit the form, Safari opens up the results of that form in a NEW TAB (or new window, depending on your preferences)! This is absolutely ingenious! This allows you to perform multiple Google searches in a row or perform multiple Amazon searches in a row or multiple eBay searches in a row, and all of your results will be opening up in multiple tabs behind your current window. This is also useful when you’re filling out a form on a website and you want the results to load in the background while you’re still reading information on the main page. COMMAND-RETURN is a very powerful function in Safari — check it out!

  84. scotty321 replied on April 24th, 2007:

    The launch time of Firefox is abysmal, even on a Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro.

  85. scotty321 replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Not crazy about the fact that the keyboard shortcut for closing the final tab of a window switches to SHIFT-command-W instead of staying with command-W. We have a 5-button mouse, and we use our mouse buttons to control different activities, such as closing tabs & windows. So we have one button set to trigger the command-W shortcut. This works in 99% of our applications, except for Firefox, because it will always leave that one window lingering behind. We have to take our hands off the mouse and use the keyboard to trigger shift-command-W to close the final tab.

  86. scotty321 replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Please give us the pop-up dictionary that we use all the time in Safari.

  87. scotty321 replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Oh, we almost forgot the #1 most important feature of all that is missing in Firefox:

    The built-in ability to view embedded PDF’s WITHIN the browser window, instead of having to download them separately. We don’t want to have to install the bloated Adobe plug-in for this (not even sure if it works within Firefox), but viewing PDF’s should all be done inline like Safari does. Safari has inline PDF browsing WITHOUT the need for any additional plug-ins. This saves our desktops from being completely cluttered up with useless PDF files, and Firefox for Windows already has this feature built into it.

  88. scotty321 replied on April 24th, 2007:

    We definitely need a keyboard shortcut for moving to the previous & next tabs. Please see Safari’s excellent implementation of these keyboard shortcuts.

  89. Doc_G replied on April 24th, 2007:

    One more item I thought of after reviewing others responses. The poor launch time of Firefox, the Firefox icon bounces an unreasonably long time before it boots. I cannot think of another app (other than Adobe programs) that takes as long. Perhaps you can speed this up too?

  90. cineologist replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Firefox is nice but as silly as it may sound, I don’t use it because I dislike the interface design. I am the type of guy that “judges the book by its cover.” I love eye-candy icons and interface design. Firefox doesn’t do well in that department and I would strongly advise Firefox team to look up Adam Betts (, the god of icon and interface design.

  91. AlexMorse replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Native form widgets would be very nice, but the only thing keeping me from giving up safari is the weight of firefox.

    Performance Performance Performance

    On my G5 with 2 gig of ram, opening and using firefox is a pain, it feels very slow and not snappy. On my core 2 duo macbook with an intel build (bonEcho) it’s much much better, but still is completely trounced by safari.

    I know part of that is due to how many features you have, and the extensibility—but put in a way to turn off the features I don’t need at the very least!

  92. O.G. Mac User replied on April 24th, 2007:

    You could start by making it a real Mac application instead of a careless port from somewhere off in PC land. This begins by developing a sense of taste. Feature parity doesn’t mean you have to be so literal-minded with widget placement, preferences, menu layout, etc.

    There’s an article at Apple Developer Connection that explains this better than I ever could:

  93. mandebooks replied on April 24th, 2007:

    The one huge problem we have with Firefox is that it doesn’t even recognize Adobe Acrobat as a valid PDF viewer. Also there is no way to add download actions to the available list for handling content. Along those lines why doesn’t Firefox recognize that a .app file on a Macintosh is an executable program?

  94. O.G. Mac User replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Agreed with everyone pointing out that Firefox’s biggest problem, on the Mac, is that it behaves like a PC application.

    Consistency is good. Foolish consistency is really, really awful. If I wanted Firefox on the Mac to behave just like Firefox on the PC, why the hell wouldn’t I just use a PC to begin with?

    Your approach to cross-platform support reminds me of Microsoft Word 6, back before Microsoft learned that “feature parity” isn’t the same as “must look and act exactly the same.” Hard to believe you’re repeating Microsoft’s mistakes fifteen years later.

  95. BSpence11 replied on April 24th, 2007:

    As someone else mentioned, please, please, please allow us to tab to pull down menus in online forms. I really hate having to move my hands from the keyboard to go to my mouse and click the drop down menus, then go back to the keyboard again. I just want to hit tab to get to ALL fields one by one, and use the arrow keys or start typing to get to the selection I want.

    I’m a new Mac guy and this was one of the most obvious minuses for me. It’s a daily occurrence that I get annoyed by this missing feature.

  96. Aaron Traas replied on April 24th, 2007:

    The two big issues for me are speed (both startup and responsiveness while running) and the handling of non-text form elements, both on web pages and in dialogs. The only elements that appear to receive keyboard focus are text fields. When prompted with a login dialog box under Windows or Linux, for instance, I enter my username, hit tab, enter my password, hit tab, and the focus shifts to the “save password” checkbox, on which I press the space bar, and it is selected. Not possible on the mac; checkboxes in Firefox don’t seem to get keyboard focus.

  97. ahbe replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Oh boy, where do I begin. I love FF and use it exclusively at work on a Windows XP box and at home on two different Macs. The only reason I use FF instead of Safari is for a handful of plug-ins. Anyway, I could make a huge list of problem’s I’d like to see fixed, but I’ll just point out the major issues:

    1. Performance. Why the heck does it take FF so darn long to launch? It’s unreasonable.

    2. File Downloads. Firefox has a serious issue with what to do with downloaded files. It will try to open a JPEG picture with Preview, when I have Xse set to open all pictures. Also, there seems to be a serious delay before I can click “Save to Disk”. Sometimes it takes up to 30 seconds before I can click save.

    3. Support Cocoa text services. In particularly being able to highlight a word and right click and open it in the dictionary. Along with this is better spelling support. Why FF does do spell check now, it doesn’t work nearly as well as Mac OS X’s native spell check in cocoa apps. This is a big deal for me.

  98. Mundo Mac » ¿Por que es tan malo, Firefox para Mac? replied on April 24th, 2007:

    […] Enlace l Colin Barret […]

  99. Firefox Improvements? replied on April 24th, 2007:

    […] Looks like the developers for Firefox are looking for some help.  Not with programming, but with features and improvements for Firefox 3 and beyond.  What do you really want the most from Firefox?  Looks like there’s a group for the Mac and then another where you can log in at and start making your voice heard. […]

  100. xap replied on April 24th, 2007:

    I would personally dig it if Firefox could do the “browser as a desktop” thing that NagaraBrowser does, but, well, better. Launch times are also a little embarrassing when a PC user sits down at one of my machines.

    Since we’re making wishes, would it be impossible to have a version of IE Tab that worked via WINE on the Intel Macs? THAT would be amazing - for those sites that absolutely insist you be on a PC. Those punks!

  101. frankb replied on April 24th, 2007:

    I’d like to see Firefox stop using it’s own proxy preferences and instead just redirect to System Preferences > Network > Proxies.

    This is what Safari does, adn it’s kind of essential for managing multiple machines in an enterprise environment.

    Thanks for listening!

  102. ¿Qué mejorarías de Firefox en Mac? at fuerteMac replied on April 24th, 2007:

    […] En AppleWeblog se hacen eco de esta pregunta que formula Colin Barret, uno de los desarrolladores de Firefox para Mac en su blog. Al parecer, el equipo de desarrollo del Firefox busca mejorar este navegador en nuestra plataforma preferida (lo que me parece estupendo). Supongo que todos preferiríamos una mayor integración en la interfaz, sería ideal que estuviera desarrollada en Cocoa, cosa que dudo que pase, puesto que el estar desarrollado en XUL ha permitido a Firefox ser multiplataforma de manera sencilla para sus desarrolladores, en detrimento del rendimiento en la integración en los sistemas. Debería incluir los botones aqua (es delito que no lo haga ya), y sel algo más ágil. También sería deseable que pasara el Test Acid como ya hacen Safari, Opera o Konqueror ¿verdad? En fin, Firefox es un gran navegador, pero como vemos, mejorable (como todos). Yo ya llevo probado muchos (Opera, Shiira, Camino, Firefox, etc) Al final me quedo con Safari. ¿Y vosotros? ¿Qué navegador usáis y por qué? ¿Qué debería mejorar Firefox según vosotros? Compártelo! […]

  103. typoagrafka replied on April 24th, 2007:


    I REALLY wanted to write an email to you, but there ist no email-adress on your site. So I had to create a 1002012. account on the Internet :(

    I’m using Camino, because it integrates really good with Mac OS X. There are two reasons for me, NOT to use Firefox — as for now: - no favicons on the bookmarks bar (I have always many bookmarks there, and I’m erasing the text and leave the favicon there — it’s enough to see, which page to click). - maybe not so important, but annoying: if you click the + to “maximize”, it won’t really maximize — there is always a block not used — on the right side of the screen. When I’m using a web browser, I like to have my screen maximized and not have to do it manually.

    The same es herr_ernst – I would be satisfied, if Camino had extensions. That would be a perfect pair.

  104. cudgel replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Ok, this totally drives me nuts in my constant conversion from Windows to Linux to Mac and back again:

    On Linux and Windows, when you middle-click a bookmark, it opens in a new tab. Not on Mac though. God thats so annoying. Please fix that!

  105. MMISoftware » Blog Archive » Firefox feedback replied on April 24th, 2007:

    […] Over at Ars Technica they report that over at they are asking, on behalf of the Firefox, for feedback to help development of the next Mac version. (Is this circular of what?) […]

  106. jwisser replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Growl support is the biggest priority, followed by a unified toolbar- the current look is lousy, but it’s covered for me by the GrApple theme ( and the other add-ons mentioned on that site.

    I honestly prefer the widgets they are now. Please continue to offer a version (or provide build instructions for a version) that includes the Firefoxy widgets. Aqua widgets look silly.

    Herr Ernst has a bit of a point- if Camino started supporting Firefox extensions, I’d change to Camino in a second.

    Clicks made on tab close buttons (for example, not exclusively) while another application has focus should still have their normal effect (a la Safari). Whether or not Firefox then claims focus is up to you (although I’d prefer if it didn’t)… I just want to be able to do things with one click while Firefox is in the background.

    Finally, drag-and-drop to the dock, to other apps, to anywhere, should work as it does in Safari.

    No, wait. I have one more. Give us the ability to do away with the dropdowns from the URL bar and the search bar. I use Up and Down for the effect of Home and End (I’m on a Powerbok 12”), so having those keys drop those menus is a pain and a non-standard behavior. See Safari’s behavior for a reference.

    These complaints aside, you guys are doing a terrific job! Thanks for all the hard work.

  107. pdxguy replied on April 24th, 2007:

    I hate hate hate that Firefox doesn’t feel as responsive as Safari when I click a link.

    Also, the close-tab ‘X’ seems misplaced as it sits off to the far right rather than on the tab to be closed.

  108. bojackson63044 replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Minimize button doesn’t work at random times… Seems to be a bug. See details at

  109. O.G. Mac User replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Font rendering is MUCH nicer on Safari, especially at small sizes. Not to mention the abominable simulacra of genuine Cocoa widgets. This is NOT just about appearance—it’s about behavior, too, since Firefox’s crappy reimplementations confound and vex by responding strangely to user interaction.

    This is the “feel” part of “look and feel,” which it seems themes are utterly incapable of ameliorating.

  110. O.G. Mac User replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Actually, lacking an intuition for the aesthetics of user interaction on the Mac, the best thing you could probably do for Firefox is to trash the current release and ask the Camino folks to start calling Camino “Firefox.”

    After that, maybe you can see if they’ll dump Gecko for WebKit, which (as mentioned above) is MUCH better at rendering text.

  111. alexisfr replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Am I the only one to have huge copy/paste issues with Firefox on the Mac ??

  112. Palmer1604 replied on April 24th, 2007:

    For me it’s very important to stay in sync. A .mac sync integration would be a perfect solution for that and I don’t mean syncing only the bookmarks. I need all. Passwords, bookmarks, plugins. At the moment this is not very smooth, cause the most plugins only offer a kind of backup function. sync is something different and it would be an incredible feature!

  113. ricardo replied on April 24th, 2007:

    The issues you mention in your post are the most important to me.

    * Native Form Widgets (currently scheduled for Firefox 3)
    * Keychain Integration
    * Performance, specifically memory usage

    There are other things I’d like, but those are the ones I consider absolutely fundamental.

  114. richardyork replied on April 24th, 2007:

    For the love of God please fix scrolling! Scrollbars do not appear on Mac Firefox on absolutely positioned s with overflow: auto; and offset properties set in tandem, top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; overflow: auto; position: absolute;. This problem doesn’t happen in Firefox on Windows.

    There are also layering issues with scrollbars on Mac Firefox when visibility is set to hidden. The “invisible” scroll bars still appear.

    Also, text carets in input elements that appear in positioned content. They aren’t there. It makes it a huge PITA to type anything in an input element that appears in positioned content.

    I could care less about the theme, personally.

    I really love Camino, but hate that it doesn’t have Firefox extensions or live bookmarks, so I don’t use it. Make Firefox just like Camino, but with those things, and the Mac version of Firefox would be spectacular.

  115. links for 2007-04-24 « kobak könyvjelzői replied on April 24th, 2007:

    […] Firefox on the Mac mit akarunk a mac-es firefoxba? - en firebug plugint a caminohoz es boldog vagyok…esetleg meg egy webdeveloper toolbart. (tags: firefox mac browser osx MacOSX community blog) Posted by kobak Filed in […]

  116. Brian Kei Tanaka » Blog Archive » Help improve Firefox on the Mac replied on April 24th, 2007:

    […] Ever find yourself griping about annoyances in Firefox on the Mac? Now’s your chance to gripe productively — the Macintosh Firefox development team is soliciting feedback. […]

  117. grafem replied on April 24th, 2007:

    I use Firefox everyday since 3 months. I used before Safari. I use now Firefox because Safari have a few troubles to display some blog sites.

    Suggestions: 1. Have the possibility to clear a link in the link bar simply by dragging out. 2. Increase the speed to display. (Safari is more faster than Firefox) 3. Put the bookmarks page in a navigation Windows like Safari. 4. Make the management more easier for bookmarks panels such as dragging from folder to an other one.

  118. MisterPointerOuter replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Tabbed Browsing needs help! This is the one thing that keeps me with Safari.

    1. The tabs are too big. Vertical space is precious. Shrink their height by 50%.

    2. Keyboard navigation is essential. I know it’s a mac, but I don’t always want to use the mouse.

  119. freezingmariner replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Three things on my wish list!

    1) As a regular user of flickr. I think is really really really important that firefox start to support colorsync. the color of the pictures on firefox just looks bad.

    2) More flexible cookie management…what happened to the “once removed do not accept again” option?! I boggles my mind that I still have to input all the banned cookie sites one by one by hand.

    3) Have a powerful website and content download option like that of iCab. No other browser beats it.

  120. Frogking replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Tab navigation needs to be fixed! Like when filling out a form on a website and I tab from field to field, it should not skip over pull-down option fields or checkboxes! Note: I was able to fix this by adding accessibility:tabfocus 7 in about:config. Why isn’t this set correctly as default? Thanks!

  121. Inside Mozilla Japan (Beta) replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Mac での Firefox 改善…

    最近 Mozilla に入社しました Mac のエンジニアの Colin Barrett のブログでは次世代 Firefox 3 Mac 版の改善点を募集しています。 もし気になる点がありましたら直接彼にメールを出して下さい。 …

  122. Ted replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Firefox on the Mac - What sucks about it?…

    Top three things: Proxy settings, Proxy settings, and Proxy settings. Make them respect the OS X network set up. Firefox really doesn’t suck on Mac, though. It’s great! Firefox on the Mac

  123. incd replied on April 24th, 2007:

    • I really don’t care about any of the widgets.

    • Fix the memory leaks.

    • Don’t waste time on something useless, like operas “speed dial”. :)

    • Dunno is this java’s problem or in firefox, but I have to run FF in rosetta mode to use some applets that require JRE.

    • Where’s the option, that was in 1.5 but not in 2.x, which allowed you to bypass the default image resizing?

    • When pressing cmd+w, it doesn’t close the window.

    ps. I love firefox. Nothing will beat it :)

  124. astrosmash replied on April 24th, 2007:

    Here’s a thought: Treat OS X as a new platform and rewrite the Mac’s XPFE using modern Cocoa APIs. Throw the old Classic/Carbon junk away.

    Here we are in 2007 and Firefox still feels like an awkward Classic/Carbon app.

    That, and/or just put more resources behind Camino and synchronize Camino and Firefox releases.

  125. jmmermet replied on April 24th, 2007:

    when you copy a text from Firefox and then paste it in mail, TextEdit, … you don’t get rich text but plain text. This is, imho the worst problem

  126. thvdeyen replied on April 25th, 2007:

    You already have the best Browser on the Mac -> CAMINO. So, just take CAMINO, CAMINO, CAMINO, CAMINO and add:

    -Firefox addons -Session Management -Growl integration

    thats it. Easy as this. CAMINO





    did i mentioned camino? ^_^

  127. george replied on April 25th, 2007:

    FF on osx intel makes the fan go crazy. Really it’s terrible. I have BonEcho (mac scpecific rewrite of firefox) on my imac and it’s pretty good - my other half had bonecho, but the update installed standard firefox over it..

    She was gutted. I’m going to change it back today because you’re software makes her macbook sound like a plane. A definite loser there.

  128. thvdeyen replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Oh and i just see:

    Where is the RSS Support in Camino?

    Or am i missing something?

  129. HaPu replied on April 25th, 2007:

    How about a print-preview just like the Windows-versions of Mozilla have (had?) - the OS-based Preview is nice, but needs a couple of steps to get a interesting Website fit in only one sheet of paper.

  130. hunternyc replied on April 25th, 2007:

    sidebar needs work, when I am trying to use the sidebar to delete my history or edit them you can’t click and drag them its a real pain in the….

  131. danmac replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I have to agree with the Command-Return function for opening new tabs. I know like the Win/Linux variants, Alt-Enter will open a new tab from the address bar, but this is not mac centric, and on a MacBook Pro Keyboard requires both hands as there is only one Alt (Option) key.

  132. sennos replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Bookmark editing:

    Right now in the Organize Bookmarks window the Properties and Rename buttons would seem to be redundant.

    Inline editing both Name and Location fields would be a wonderful improvement.

    Another feature I’d love to see (on any mac browser, for that matter) is live, on-the-fly sorting of bookmarks by drag ‘n drop in the menu - even within folders on the Bookmarks Toolbar. IMHO the only feature of IE that puts mac browsers to shame…

    Anyways, thanks for the chance to make suggestions and also a million thanks for making Firefox Rock!

  133. alexp2_ad replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I like the list of things you are adding, things I’d like to see:

    • Services menu usable (summarize, speech etc)
    • Make the green plus button do something logical… it’s frequently confusing in OS X, but it’d be nice to see it work like safari’s does.
    • Growl support would be nice, but hey, we have extensions.
  134. » Arquivo » Equipe do Firefox para Mac quer saber o que falta no produto replied on April 25th, 2007:

    […] Mais detalhes nesta página de seu blog. […]

  135. InRussetShadows replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Please bring back single-clicking to save a bookmark (apple-D). That is my main gripe. Thanks.

  136. alli replied on April 25th, 2007:

    home and end keys would be good.

    my personal gripe with FF is that theres no keyboard shortcut for moving between tabs, like in safari ( mac+shift+] ), that would effectively move me over to FF =]

  137. MacJoy replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I would like to navigate from one tab to another tab with the same shortcuts as in Safari.

    When I have a window active I can open a tab with a shortcut (option T). I’d like to be able to do this without a window active, as in Safari

  138. mojopikon replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Please please please… FullScreen support!!! !!! o:-)

  139. simonskrede replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Fullscreen that works the same as on all other platforms: cover the whole screen and limit user interation to Firefox until it is de-fullscreened again.

  140. Andy_R replied on April 25th, 2007:

    The number 1 priority for me (and a few other posters here) is bug 306276, the ‘windows not staying where the urser puts them / snap-back’ bug. (This is the one that comment 29 is about).

    I’m offering a $100 bounty on a fix for that bug.

    I think the slow load time issue that lots of people raise has a lot to do with the fact that IE and others draw the window long before it’s actually usable, but firefox doesn’t show it until it’s ready to use. A quick hack round this might be to cache what a blank page looks like, and throw that up on the screen first, before starting up firefox proper. Do the same for the bookmark list and add a way to type text into the url bar then feed it to firefox proper when it finishes loading and you’ll convince 99% of users that the load time is way shorter than it actually is. All the page/widget rendering stuff doesn’t need to actually be running for the user to do the ‘oh, it’s loaded, I’ll go to the bookmark menu and choose something’ stuff that users do when they think it’s ready, so this time can be claimed back.

  141. ratbastid replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I sent this by email too, but… I’m a very long time Firefox user, and a brand new Mac-switcher.

    The single most jarring thing about this new platform (which, generally, I totally love, btw) is the way Firefox skips selects, radios, and checkboxes in the tab order on forms. It irks me when I have to reach for the mouse to fill in a form!

  142. Firefox on Mac Feedback » Firefox Facts replied on April 25th, 2007:

    […] + Post Your Mac-related Firefox Feedback! […]

  143. mutle replied on April 25th, 2007:

    i just love that you can open the bookmarks in your bookmark bar in safari with command-1 to command-9. this is a great timesaver for me, and i really miss it in firefox

  144. talonlzr replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I would very much like to see an improved onMouseMove trigger for the DOM model.

    Basically, “something” makes doing drag/drop and similar things on firefox on osx a hopeless experience, while firefox on win32 produces a much smoother input, only beaten by MSIE for win32 which seem to give most samples of all browsers I’ve seen.

    Safari on OSX has this same issue, so it might as well be the mouse not giving a better resolution for CPU intensive javascript applications where you have several layers moving, and transparency to deal with as well. Either way, this makes my app feel a lot less attractive to mac users, and even though a few shortcuts are being taken for them to improve performance, it does not feel as smooth and nice as their windows counterparts rendering the same application.

    A valid testcase can be built using the framework and its draggable/droppable objects.

  145. dswan replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Oh why oh why oh why…

    doesn’t Firefox reading the System Preferences for proxies?

    Every time I lug my machine offsite I end up changing the proxies in Firefox despite the fact I have profiles for all my locations in my system preferences…

  146. spm replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Proper fullscreen like on a PC - i.e. it fills the screen - would be very lovely.

  147. McDutchie replied on April 25th, 2007:

    The top priority for Firefox on the Mac should be simply to make it conform to Mac user interface guidelines.

    Currently, widgets (both in the UI and in web pages) LOOK like Mac widgets, but BEHAVE like PC widgets. This is not just confusing, but actually misleading — unacceptable for a Mac app!

    Good examples are pop-up menus (they don’t pop up menus but scrolling lists, and don’t start with the currently checked element at the cursor) and text edit fields (selection and key bindings behave differently).

  148. Thijs replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Make its font rendering engine similar to Safari, font rendering isn’t that good in Firefox for Mac, especially with italics and small font sizes.

  149. spoonyfork replied on April 25th, 2007:

    If it exists and doesn’t work, or if it doesn’t exist: full screen mode would be nice to have. I would also like to vote for a performance focus.

    (BTW, could you lean on WordPress to start using OpenID or something? The number of blog/website registrations we have to maintain is reaching critical mass.)

  150. gkearney replied on April 25th, 2007:

    VoiceOver compatibility!

    The blind and print disabled are stuck with not being able to use Firefox as it will not permit its pages or interface to be read and navigated with VoiceOver the Mac’s built in screen reader.

    While this may go along with native widgets someone shold look to addressing this issue directly.

  151. tromba replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I know these have probably already been said, but I’ll say ‘em anyway:

    1) Form fields should use Mac conventions, i.e., down arrow to skip to the end of text in the field, up arrow to skip to beginning (really annoying) 2) Autofill — do I really have to click on the choice for every field? (Wastes time and also really annoying — I much prefer the way Safari handles autofill) 3) Better text rendering 4) Downloads list — make it easier to locate the downloaded file, like Safari 5) Better PDF handling/Acrobat plugin integration

    Thanks for listening!

  152. tordway replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Pages jump back to previous page when I scroll with my wireless mac mouse. Like hitting the back button

  153. arh replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I would like the ability to search through which cookie exceptions I have. If this is added, I can easily undo denying cookies (without the use of an extension) :-)

  154. ikafox replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Viewing PDFs from within Firefox (I believe it’s a “Shubertit” plugin, same as what I use in Safari): In Safari I can search text inside the PDF, but not with Firefox.

  155. ikafox replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Can’t search text in PDFs viewed from within browser.

  156. aced411 replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I notice at times it’ll slow down to the point of locking up. I’ve had to use “force quit” on firefox several times. Other than that it pretty much does exactly what I want it to.

  157. mountain replied on April 25th, 2007:

    -place the button to close a tab directly on the tab

  158. Puromac: Apple Mac en español » Blog Archive » Contenido de Puromac 22: El podcast para la Apple Mac con OS X en español replied on April 25th, 2007:

    […] El equipo de  desarrollo del Firefox quiere saber que queremos en la versión 3 - Visitar esta pagina ara escribir (en Ingles) que queremos […]

  159. pawliger replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I’m sure lots of others feel the pain of these two requests:

    1) Crash less often (I have around 50 crashes in the past month and I don’t run with any extensions other than Greasemonkey)

    2) Speed. Speed is a feature. When Safari and IE can keep up with my browsing speed and typing and Firefox should be able to and currently can’t, there’s work to be done.

  160. eightlines replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I’d love to see FF on Mac have proper support for WMODE transparency in Flash. While using filters with WMODE the alpha amplifies till it hits 100%. Not sure if this is an Adobe issue or FF issue, but it sure would be nice to have it work the same way it does on PC.

  161. bradysmith replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I would like to see firefox actually recognize the fact that WMV files should be played by Windows Media Player in OS X ALWAYS, not just every once in a while.

  162. MacDork replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I’d like to re-iterate #81’s bit about domain-specific settings, in the same way that OmniWeb does things.

    On some sites, I’d love to be able to change font size, for example. Or I’d like to block images on some sites… or … use a different style sheet. There are tons of great uses of this feature.

  163. schapht replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Drag and drop for file input fields!!!

    Safari does this and it’s really handy for beginners. And a good shortcut for the pros.

    Basically let a user drop a file from finder (or other source) into the text box next to the ‘browse’ button. Have it fill in automagically.

  164. salitt replied on April 25th, 2007:

    FireFox should leverage the proxy settings native to Mac OS X that are specified within the Network preference pane in like fashion as does Camino and Safari.

  165. John Muir replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Glad to hear about the Growl support. I’ve been looking forward to that.

    Firefox is already my browser of choice on the Mac. The reason is twofold: Gecko and Extensions.

    Safari’s current inadequacy in Google Docs and elsewhere is unacceptable. It’s also a horrendous RAM hog when open for days at a time, and lacks good extensions besides Pith Helmet.

    As for extensions, I rely on Google Browser Sync to keep my bookmarks and tabs in order between various places, and Adbock Plus and Nuke Everything Enhanced are great at removing the worst the web has to offer … without them I go nuts. This rules out Camino, which is a brilliant app but can’t be my primary browser.

    My requests are that Firefox on the Mac has a specifically Mac look and feel — like Camino has managed — with tighter OS X specific integration as we’ve all barked on about more or less. Other than that, the extensions are what I stay for. So I’m fairly easy to please even now!

    In short:

    1. A default Mac specific theme (unified and definitely not brushed metal!) which is battlehardened and doesn’t suffer many a hobbyist’s flaws. (I use GrApple Eos Pro just now.)

    2. Cocoa widgets.

    3. Keychain and Cocoa text services integration.

    4. Being able to support Afloat and Mega Zoom would be nice too. They’re Cocoa specific.

    I think you’re already most of the way there with FF 2.0 as I use it heavily and it’s doing well. Thanks.

  166. Jeremy_Bee replied on April 25th, 2007:

    All of the things mentioned here are the same problems I have had. I didn’t use FireFox until version 2.0 and most of the reason I avoided it is because it is so terribly ugly and Windows-like. The default icons are almost identical to the kind of elements that shipped with Corel Draw in the early 90’s and give it a kind of “I was made by an old Geek from the 70’s” look to me.

    The only reason I run FireFox instead of Safari is because Safari craps out on a lot of web sites now but that will likely change with Leopard. Also, at the University I work at, all the Macs in the labs have recently had FireFox installed because the evil empire stopped supporting Explorer on the Mac. If FireFox doesn’t want to lose a giant chunk of market share they should do something about the browser before Leopard comes out.

    I also run FireFox because of AdBlocker Plus, which is the only thing that makes the web tolerable nowadays, but it doesn’t integrate well at all. I have the same installation at home as I do at work with all the same plug-ins, settings, etc, and they don’t render the pages the same way. Why? Who knows?

    I run FireFox with the GrApple Eos Pro plug-in so as to make the interface more Apple-like, so if you integrate that plug-in into FireFox, maybe that is your “look and feel” solution. Unfortunately, there are screen re-draw problems on tool tips when using that plug-in and since the developer in question is one of the best around, I am guessing that the screen problem is likely FireFox’s.

    Finally, the two things mentioned here most can’t be said often enough.

    1) FireFox is slow to start, slow to run and hogs tons of memory that it sometimes never lets go of. You can expect the next version of Safari to run rings around Firefox in that regard so again, if you value market share… Well you get the picture.

    2) Bookmarks are horrible and “Unix-y.” Why should I have to open a separate dialogue box, and navigate to a folder to make a simple bookmark? Why can’t I right-click on a bookmark and open the site? Why do I have to open a giant property sheet dialogue (a la Unix, Linux), to edit the site name or web address??

    And one more thing…

    Ugly, ugly ugly! (had to say it again)

  167. BlubParadox replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Try to have saving pages use the same technology as Safari and make webarchive files. Web Archives are searchable by Spotlight so they’re my prefered way of saving web pages locally.

  168. gadny replied on April 25th, 2007:

    fromonesource, I second the need for volume control. Why is it that web browsers - programs in which the sound is frequently unwanted and unexpected - are the only type of application without a volume knob or mute button?

  169. Tech Digest replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Mac Firefox team call for feedback…

    Colin Barrett of the Firefox for Mac development team has opened up his blog and email address to allow Mac users to comment on what……

  170. JJNYC replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Improve speed/performance

    Use the network settings in System Preferences.

  171. ic1970 replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Firefox should color manage images on both the Mac and Windows. It should respect embedded profiles (if any), and allow the user to specify the assumed profile for all other images.

  172. ebaugh replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Please, please, check into the memory leaking. FF gets “huge” as you leave it running… this is a “general” problem with FF, but if you’re working to improve it, this definitely would be helpful.

  173. mikewaters replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I’m a relatively new Mac user…one annoying thing about firefox is the way it handles my VPN at work. I have to go into settings and tell it to use proxy settings every time I connect (versus automatic). Safari, on the other hand, uses the system proxy settings when I connect to VPN, so I don’t have to go into the Safari settings.

  174. lesterbangs replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Please, please fix font rendering. Compared to Webkit-based browsers, text in Firefox is a blurry embarrassing mess. IANAP but I presume this is a Gecko issue and not specific to Firefox (i.e. Camino is affected as well).

    I can’t believe more Typography Nazis have not whined about this on their blogs.

  175. sloannyc replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Big pain in all browsers I’ve used… I’d like bookmarks to do more than just have titles and URLs. I’d like them to capture all the meta-tags from the site and act as a mini database so that I could search through my bookmarks instead of either a) searching through random titles or b) trying to get google to find a site with some random keywords again.

  176. zubins replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Speed. Load up takes too long and downloading a link takes too long.

    That’s the most important to me.

    Not skipping scroll down menus when using tab would be good too.

    Also, It would be awesome if you could add internet explorer emulation capabilities for those annoying sites that only allow IE for certain functions. But it’s not really high on the priority list.

  177. jhann replied on April 25th, 2007:

    1. Speed, speed, speed
    2. Eliminate scrollbar relics (they don’t hide when their dom node’s visibility = ‘hidden’ and the background can bleed through)
    3. Native widgets
    4. Oh yeah: speed
  178. hildjj replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Two things I like from Safari:

    • When the website can’t be contacted, a reconnect button shows up; if the network gets re-established, the page loads automatically. There’s a OSX API for monitoring the reachability of a given domain that would be good to use for this.

    • Hotkeys for the bookmarks in the bookmarks bar. This allows bookmarklets to be fired easily. Safari uses Cmd-1 thru Cmd-9.

  179. llbbl replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I’m happy with FF on Mac. I don’t see a need for Camino.

    @pawliger: Don’t run Greasemonkey, it is what is causing the crashes, not FF itself. I run 5-10 extensions and FF crashes about once every 6 months and its usually because of a webpage not the browser.

  180. Weblog » Firefox-Wunschkonzert replied on April 25th, 2007:

    […] Firefox 1.5 hat gerade noch eine Gnadenfrist bekommen, während Firefox 3.0 bereits vor der Tür steht. Und so sammelt die Community fleißig Ideen für die neue Version. Damit die Wünsche der Macianer nicht untergehen, sammelt man an zentraler Stelle die Sorgen und Ideen der Mac-Community. Anliegen an den feurigen Fuchs können dort per Kommentar oder per Mail geäußert werden. Dennis Dirdjaja Gespeichert in: Software, Sonstiges […]

  181. iolarah replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Lots of people have brought up a ton of great points (I particularly agree with the request to have the green button optimize more predictably, and the removal of the “go” button—or at least make it green and put it on the right; it’s counterintuitive to have it on the left, because you type the address and then hit go, so why not have it display in the order you use it?).

    The one problem that I have, is this—sometimes FF will save pages I’m viewing as bookmarks on the toolbar, and I realize that it’s that I’m probably accidently hitting option-D when I mean to be hitting option-S, or some other nearby key. It doesn’t seem that anything is assigned to option-B, so could you maybe switch it so that saving a tab as a bookmark is option-B? It’s more intuitive (B=bookmark) and it’d be further away from more frequently used keys, which means I won’t save stupid things by accident all the time :P

  182. ulric replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I have no problems with Firefox on the Mac except the font anti-aliasing quality.

    I use the iFox Metal theme and I think it, or something like it, should be the default.

    I have no problems with the toolbar or anything of the sort and it scares me a little that you’d want to change it.

    keychain integration: I don’t see the advantage of this. I love the ability in FireFox to view the passwords values, delete them, etc, I don’t want this integrated with the OS

  183. swisswuff replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Firefox locks up at times. It sucks on the Mac, but if it locks up on Windows (as much as it does on the Mac), Linux is the best option (it seems to happen on Linux somewhat less often).

    Generally, helper apps for file extensions should be editable much more transparently than they seem to be handled now. That is a real issue that represents a true problem.

    That is a problem not just on Macs, but as it also affects Macs, it should be listed here.

    On Macs, for example, “Internet plug-ins” compete with some assigned applications for dealing with files from the web.

    Example: sometimes, I require to preview PDFs, so I like to have the browser show them inline. Sometimes, I want to conduct full text searching, so I need them to pop up in Adobe Reader.

  184. mattpat replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I know it’s already been said at least once, but better support for color profiles and color handling in general is big! Personally, I’ve started using JPEG’s for background images because PNG’s display too light in Firefox on Mac (Windows and Linux are fine). Safari does not have this problem, so clearly there is a way to fix it.

  185. fghj replied on April 25th, 2007:

    @llbbl: “its usually because of a webpage not the browser” is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Webpages should not be able to crash any browser, ever. If an untrusted resource crash your browser, your browser is wrong.

    That said, I have at stability issues with FF on Mac long before I installed Greasemonkey.

  186. bill meade replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I’d like the ability to do a print-preview of a web page, and then to insert a comment. For example, I buy something on the web, when the receipt shows up, I print, preview, and then put what the expense is for somewhere on the page. Like adding a comment rectangle in Acrobat Pro. Requirements: a rectangle that distinguishes the comment from the web page and legible text. Then when the page comes out on the printer, the expense and explanation are joined permently.

  187. rpedde replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Seconding (thirding? fourthing) normal key bindings. This will probably come with native ui elements anyway.

    The other thing that makes me go back to safari is the rendezvous/bonjour bookmarks.

  188. ServiceMac replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I am nearly happy with FF. Just one more thing:

    Please support “Services” in the Firefox Menu. So I could work with Firefox and DevonThink. What a dream team…

  189. quoll replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Others have already some of these, so consider any repeats as an extra vote:

    • Don’t have a tooltip saying “Drag and drop this icon to create a link to this page”. This makes it impossible to drop the icon into some places on the Bookmarks toolbar.
    • Spotlight Metadata on saved files (especially source URL).
    • PDF viewing without Acrobat (since PDF is built in).
    • Consistent text field key navigation, especially in the nav bar.
    • Performance. I guess everyone wants this one!
  190. webslog replied on April 25th, 2007:

    I hate having to flush the cache out every week or so in order to not have it hang completely. Plug-ins and extensions are great, but I wonder if there could be some sort of quality ratings … Great For Mac … or similar for those add-ons that meet Apple’s UI guidelines. Have been increasingly using Sunrise …. zippier, way stripped down.

  191. macci23 replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Please, please, check into the memory leaking. FF gets “huge” as you leave it running…

    greetings from Europe, Switzerland

  192. CharlesPickrell replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Dragging site link to Bookmarks Toolbar

    When dragging a link from the Navigatiion bar to the Bookmarks Bar a tooltip appears that prevents the URL from being dropped. You can work around it, but it is really a pain and needs to be corrected.

  193. Apple Reporter » Blog Archive » Adium Creator Wants Help Fixing Firefox For Mac replied on April 25th, 2007:

    […] Adium Creator Wants Help Fixing Firefox For Mac April 25th, 2007 by Leslie Poston You’ve all heard me gush about Adium, my favorite software for handling multiple instant messager programs. Well, one of the programmers associated with Adium has decided to take on Firefox for Mac. He’s decided that it has some basic functionality issues that need to be addressed. He is soliciting ideas over on his blog, here. […]

  194. rediris replied on April 25th, 2007:

    One improvement I’d like to see is the use of favicons in Bookmarks, particularly the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder. This is a feature in the Win version of Firefox, and allows me to have a whole bunch of Favicons (but no text, saving room) in my Firefox toolbar.

  195. nfq replied on April 25th, 2007:

    2 Things

    • input form elements, mainly radio buttons and checkboxes.. looks ugly and would be great to be OS X native style. Also, unstyled (CSS) textfields, menus and textareas aren’t that pretty.

    • This is a question of taste but I don’t like the dotted box at all around active a href’s.. This seems very old-school and not needed anymore…


  196. ccheath replied on April 25th, 2007:

    even though others have mentioned it, Services integration would be great

  197. jamesotron replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Clicking on the Firefox icon on the dock should open a new browser window if there are none open, not just bring the download manager to the foreground.

  198. bdscott replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Dynamic SVG support would be nice. Using javascript to create SVG objects works on Linux and Windows versions but on the Mac, text elements (usually) don’t render. Static SVG objects seem to work fine but there seem to be serious bugs when they are created dynamically. Fails on both intel and ppc 10.4 and 10.3.

  199. CL replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Well.. for me.. I would like to see, lots of these have been mentioned before:

    -More native looking for buttons/radio buttons/etc -If there is currently no window open, but there is a downloads manager window open, clicking on the firefox icon should create a new browser window (or turned off via prefs), there should be an option in the dock menu to create a new window, like in Safari. -Better management with Flash, I get so aggravated with Flash on Firefox to the point that I always quit Firefox completely when I’m viewing flash and go directly back to using Safari for any website that has flash. -Faster ui.. uh.. but on G3 it can be a slow pain in the arse sometimes, and even my old 466Mhz Celeron PC with very minimal ram on XP loaded Firefox up much faster than even my G3 did lots of times. -A biggie for me is having extensions not break with every freaking release, I know that’s for all versions of Firefox on all platforms, but it’s a headache. -the scroll bar is a slow pain in the arse

  200. arglborps replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Japanese display is pretty broken in Firefox (I think it’s a gecko issue, because Camino doesn’t work either). When I leave the font settings at the default, everything works fine, but as soon as I change anything in the font setting, Japanese text gets displayed with random fonts sometimes changing fonts within single word. Also the font names are displayed in Japanese although when using OS X in English these font names should be displayed in English (as Hiragino etc.).

    Furthermore Firefox is still using fake bold for Japanese fonts. This is probably due to the fact that a “regular” font is often namend “Fontname W3” while a bolder font would be named “Fontname W6”. WebKit browsers seem to choose the appropriate font when or tags are set, while gecko browsers usually use fake bold, which looks especially terrible with Japanese.

  201. mwindwer replied on April 25th, 2007:

    Camino has a great feature where new tabs automatically load your home page. Would love to see that in Firefox.

  202. Denis Vasilyev replied on April 26th, 2007:

    Actually I’d like to get “click+hold” feature back. It was removed since Firefox 2.0. But it’s so useful! Especially on laptops! I know there are discussions about it but I think it can be made as a preference option and only those of them who really need it can switch this option on.

  203. telescapes replied on April 26th, 2007:

    I’ve been complaining for a long time (years) about two items in particular:

    1) When copying text from a webpage, Firefox/Camino/Netscape also copies the (normally invisible) alt-text. It would be nice to be able to turn this “feature” off (to be able to have a choice in preferences).

    The discussion related to this is at

    2) On my Mac, if the text copied from a webpage contains certain “problem characters,” it cannot be pasted directly into Mariner Write, MS Word or BBEdit (which happen to be the 3 main apps that I use).

    The discussion related to this is at, which was split (for some reason, although it’s really the same problem) from

    Browsers other than Firefox/Camino/Netscape do not have this problem because they seem to automatically convert any “problem characters” into a regular question mark (?), which can then be pasted without any problem.

    My current workaround is to paste into TextEdit (which has no problem accepting any paste, even including problem characters), then drag the text from TextEdit into Mariner Write (or Word or BBEdit).

  204. uberfu replied on April 26th, 2007:

    how about being able to Command-Click to open a new Window_ Like All other web browsers allow_ Instead of it forcing into a new Tab_ At least give the option_ Trust me it’s not there_ Try it out for yourself_


    I am a diehard Mac User - but I will concede that Firefox for the PC is way more stable and robust than the Mac counterpart_ Example - I don;t use themes for the Mac version because everyone I’ve tried [many of the main stream ones available thru Mozilla] will cause Firfox to crash repeatedly_

    Maintain an option to disable auto-complete [not everyone likes it all the time]

    Add in an option to diable — - plugins - javascript - java

    as independent items_

  205. smashie replied on April 26th, 2007:

    This is a pretty small problem, but it’s always bugged me.

    In Safari, if you enter a URL or a search in the fields at the top of the browser and then hold down command when you press enter, the website or search opens in a new tab.

    In Firefox, I have to create a new tab, and THEN enter the URL or search. It sucks. Seriously.

  206. tins replied on April 26th, 2007:


     First of all I think it's cool as hell that you openly asked the online Mac community for suggestions.  Major brownie points.
     My suggestions are nothing that you did not list but you said you wanted to hear if they were really important so hear it goes.
     SPEED!  Firefox on the Mac needs a major dose of this.  If using safari is like watching a bullet train race by at a rate faster than the speed of light, then using Firefox on the Mac is like sitting around watching cars rust, in the middle of the desert, during a drought in the dry season.  Seriously, I'm not a programmer or anything and have no idea what the issue is but I know there is one.  I use Firefox on the PC at work and it blazes.  On my Macbook Pro 2.16Ghz with 3gb of ram I use Firefox and it's like pulling teeth.  I have used Firefox on the PC for many years now and have just recently become a Mac Junkie in the last two years.  I love Firefox and it's painful not use it but things being the way they are I only use Firefox at work now for this reason.
     FACELIFT. STAT!  Man is it ugly.  I have a Mac full of beautiful software elegantly fluttering around on my desktop like a 15th century countess gliding across the dance floor.  Then I open up Firefox and it's like bringing a prostitute dressed in fuchsia spandex from head to toe.  It's embarrassing as hell.  One word, CAMINO.  Learn it, live it, love it.  If Firefox is ugly and Safari is pretty then Camino is a drop dead gorgeous hottie you'd wanna ride all night long.  And, If you really want to be ahead of the curve, take some design cues from one of Macs flagship programs, iTunes.  For a while now Mac has taken quite a bit of flack for their inconsistent system windows.  If you want to know what I mean open up Safari, iTunes, and System Preferences side by side.  See what I mean?  Check out some of the posts on AppleInsider referencing the latest Leopard builds.  In the recent developer builds of Leopard everything is moving away from the brushed metal look and more toward the iTunes look to give the system a cleaner more consistent look.  It would be nice if the future default look and feel of Firefox on the Mac matched that of the future Mac OS.  Please give Leopard a good look when revamping Firefox.
     INTEGRATION.  Keychain integration?  Yes please, may I have some more?  More specifically, mail and calendar integration meaning Thunderbird and Sunbird.  As we (we being you the open source saviour and I the loyal subject)  begin to move away from big name OS dependency (mainly microslop, you know what I mean) it would be nice if we did it right and applied a little coordination to this fiasco.  I purpose a communication, collaboration, and information viewing and gathering system that we don't have to open 10 different programs for.  I have a dream, and in that dream this is what I see.  I Think of Firefox being being communication hub.  It's a browser giving us secure stable access to the information we are looking for.  It has Thunderbird integrated into it so I don't have to open a separate mail client, window or tab to send an Email.  I click on the Thunderbird new message button and from the bottom shoots up a divider giving me access to a new message window much like the reading pane interjects in Thunderbird.  I can also open up Thunderbird in it's own tab so something of the like giving me full access to all of Thunderbird's feature set.  So again I can do all I can do in an external mail client without having to open another program.  I also have access to Thunderbird's rss client which is much better than Firefox's reader giving me more control over the information.  Dare I say that I can also access Apple Mail in the same way, also, not instead of?  Well, that would be a trick wouldn't it?  I can also access Sunbird in the same manner opening it up in it's own tab for full access of the feature set or in a quick view tab like I described for a new message in Thunderbird.  This time giving me quick access to adding a new date or appointment.  Only this time Firefox is the knot that ties it all together because when I make a change in Sunbird, it updates on my Google calendar and iCal enabling me to collaborate with others through Google Calendar and coordinate my chaotic life through Sunbird and iCal which will more than likely sync to my iPhone or other portable device without a hitch.  Firefox is also intelligent enough to notice email addresses and dates when it sees them giving me options in a contextual menu when I ctrl click to send new mail to the email address or to add a new event to my calendar on the date and possibly the time targeted by the mouse (or right click, if your like me and use a two button mouse on the Mac, back you animals, back I say! or I'll put the leeches on you! Mac users can be quite fanatical, saying such things can be dangerous).  Instant Messaging is also integrated in the form of what program I don't know.  Let's say iChat for right now.  Since for right now Google does not have a Mac version of Google talk, though Googles latest acquisition of Marratech's cross-platform video conferencing software gives us good things to hope for.  But either way, another button gives me access to a chat pane that come out from the right side of the window much like the message pane I described giving me access to instant messaging capabilities, dare I say video conferencing capabilities?  All the quick access panes I have described would also be accessible on all tabs of course including the full Thunderbird and Sunbird tabs.  Open source has a tendency to work on a read and react basis.  Taking what the commercial sector has done and slowly but surely creating it's own form of those ideas in a way that surpasses anything closed source could have done.  It works but, it's a little slow.  Pass them, don't wait for them, just pass them.  Innovate.  We as a computing community are moving to a place where desktop operating systems are not the central focus.  We have concord that milestone.  In order to move forward we must begin improving that which has been ignored for so long.  The tools that we use on the operating system.  We are moving to a place where more and more of those tools are web based.  I think we all realize those tools will never be solely web based or at least not for a good amount of time until networks and hardware can catch up to the software.  Until then our current network, hardware and software set dictates that the best tool set is dispersed both offline and online.  You tie it together, and you become the epicenter of communication, collaboration and information sharing.  And mind you, I'm not talking about some half baked extension.  I realize if I really wanted to I could search all over creation for little widgets and extensions that might kind of, sort of get me what I need but I don't have that kind of time or patience.  I'm talking about the real deal.  It has to be easy.  It has to work.  It has to JUST work.  After all, we are talking about the Mac here, right?  Think different.
     You asked for it so there it is.  Good luck and happy coding.  We anxiously await the arrival of a usable Firefox on the Mac.  I know all that I have detail is EXTREMELY easy to implement so I'm sure they will be in the next build of Firefox.  Just kidding.  But, it would be a giant leap forward.

    Best Regards, Tins

  207. mozillamarcia replied on April 26th, 2007:

    I discussed these improvements with josh last time he was in the office -safari like blue glow on form fields -better focus. example would be improving dragging and dropping to the toolbar, which is currently much more difficult than windows.

  208. telescapes replied on April 26th, 2007:

    Another problem—not major, but nonetheless very annoying, and which doesn’t occur with Safari, Opera, iCab, or IE:

    If a very long URL, even one containing a hyphen, is displayed on a webpage in a text area of specified width, such as in MozillaZine’s forum,

    Firefox/Camino/Netscape will force the text area to widen to accomodate the full URL on one line. In other words, it stubbornly refuses to break the URL, unlike the other browsers (Safari, Opera, iCab, IE).

    The URL I gave on the above forum page as an example to demonstrate this is:

    but the forum editor replaced the original URLs (text) with short links so that the quite ugly problem wouldn’t show on the page.

    Firefox could even do the other browsers one better and honor the text width area specified by the web designer so that it will break any text string, even if it doesn’t contain a hyphen, at the maximum allowed character count. This would conform to the way word processors behave: they don’t expand the text area to accomodate the full unbroken text string (but will take advantage of an opportunity like a hyphen).

  209. O.G. Mac User replied on April 27th, 2007:

    Please ignore all the ex-PC users here braying for a full-screen mode or an equivalent to “maximize.” Nobody wants that, not in this day and age of 30 inch displays. Nobody, that is, but for one-track minds who have no business being on the Mac in the first place.

    If you’re the type of person who only wants to see one window at a time, there are plenty of PC operating systems that will suit you just fine.

  210. evenprimes replied on April 27th, 2007:

    This is more than just a Mac FF request: The ability to autocomplete from bookmarks. I hardly ever navigate to anything else on my computer. I search for everything, I’d like to do the same with my bookmarks. The autocomplete should use the name, URL and comments to go on.

  211. ulric replied on April 27th, 2007:

    >Please ignore all the ex-PC users here braying for a full-screen mode or an equivalent to “maximize.”

    Fullscreen mode is very useful on a 14 inch laptop, that’s where I want to use it. Also, for full screen mail processing on my iMac

    iPhoto and many other Apple applications have full screen mode, by the way

  212. fidelityrevo replied on April 28th, 2007:

    Currently when Firefox crashes one has the option on restarting it to reinitialize the last session with all the web tabs open. Please make this a standard option so we can easily restore the previous session when ever we reopen Firefox, not just when it crashes.

    Thanks, John

  213. pUaTrOn Zone - » Firefox para Mac OS X replied on April 28th, 2007:

    […] Y es que Colin Barret le pregúnto textualmente a uno de los desarrolladores de Mac: ¿Qué es lo que apesta en Firefox para Mac? podeís ver.. eso sí en ingles el documento aqui. […]

  214. LvP replied on April 29th, 2007:

    FireFox should support the MacOS X Check Spelling API. Maybe this would help the fabulous Antidote software from Druide to support FireFox. As more and more people uses their browser due to web based email services, it would be so helpfull.

  215. evenprimes replied on April 29th, 2007:

    Just realized, it would also be nice if Firefox Mac supported OS X services. Stuff like the text-to-speech and summarize would be handy.

  216. DMcCollister replied on April 30th, 2007:

    The best way to improve my life with Firefox would be to support Services, as several others have mentioned. The real test for me is DevonThink’s RTF note services: they work fine in Safari, but not Camino—I don’t know why.

  217. melodien replied on April 30th, 2007:

    Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing what I never thought I would do: using Safari regularly, and Firefox only when I must. Where is Firefox failing me?

    1. Not honoring the Location Settings! I’m a consultant, I move around a lot, and I have Location profiles for everywhere I go regularly. When I change the Location settings on my laptop, I expect ALL applications to pay attention. You are making me change things in two different places, repeatedly. Bad.

    2. No Services support. I use Devonthink and Eaglefiler, and Firefox is not supporting my workflow to get information into those two applications. Feeble.

    3. No inline PDF display. Arrrrghh!

    4. Lack of speed. I use Firefox on a lousy HP laptop at work, and it is way faster than FF on my Mac. I charge by the hour, people, and you are wasting my time.

    I don’t care about beauty - well I do, but my “native” OS” is Solaris, and pathetic interface design is sort of a given in that environment: I have to deal with Sun’s vile Webdesk most days, and that blob of toxic horror sets the bar for interface design to an all time low . But the four annoyances above I will no longer tolerate.

    In addition, I’ve suddenly started experiencing stability problems: Firefox exits unexpectedly. I suspect that the cause is IBM’s Partner University website, which like so much ill conceived marketing guff seems have been constructed to work properly with IE and nothing else, but whatever it is doing should not be able to crash the browser. If a more detailed description of the problem is useful, let me know: I seem to be able to reproduce the crash at will.

    Less critical annoyances: can’t create a Web Archive; having the Find dialog come up at the bottom of the window is a pain (could you guys try testing this stuff on a 13 inch laptop, rather than a 30 inch screen?)

  218. MacManux replied on May 1st, 2007:

    Can only repeat what many others already said: Take the proxy settings from the system, not from Firefox.

    At least, make this an addtional option where you currently can choose between “Direct connection”, “manual settings” etc., add another option called “from Mac OS System settings. This would be very similar to how iChat handles proxies.

  219. livinginspired replied on May 17th, 2007:

    The main problem I have with Firefox is less technical in nature. I get the spinning beach ball of death several times a day. I typically keeping 5-10 tabs in one windows open throughout the day. On top of the that, the second I open Firefox regardless if its on my Powerbook G4 or my Macbook core2 both with 1.5gb memory…. the fan goes crazy loud and the machines gets crazy hot!!!

    Anyways…. it boils down to system resources. Compared to Safari… Firefox is unusable. MJ

  220. Elijah M replied on May 17th, 2007:

    1) Faster startup time. I don’t care how… fewer built in features, whatever. It shouldn’t take this long to load a blank page.

    2) Aqua interface (duh); and most importantly at the top. Even with an Aqua-like skin, the top still looks like Netscape 5 on a PC.

    3) I keep all of my bookmarks on my toolbar, arranged in categorical folders, so they appear as menus in between the address bar and page display. In Windows, when I select one of these bookmarks, I can right-click and get a contextual menu. On my Mac, left and right/control-click do the same thing—they navigate directly to that bookmark in the current tab. No contextual menu. This never ceases to annoy me.

    4) After Firefox updates my extensions at startup, it should go right ahead and start up. It shouldn’t have to wait for me to press CONTINUE. Of course I want to continue. That’s why I started the program in the first place.

    5) Inline PDF display.

    6) A full screen mode that’s similar to the full screen mode in iPhoto (not the full screen mode in typical PC apps like MS Word). Possibly something that maintains a maximum pixel width for the display window, but blacks out everything in the background.

    7) Automatic bookmark sync with Safari. For Thunderbird, automatic sync with Address Book and Calendar.

  221. Do you think Firefox is Becoming Bloated? - CyberNet News replied on May 17th, 2007:

    […] Statistics are hard to come by, but our own experiences with the browser include crashes, memory hogging, molasses-slow page loads and the spinning beach ball of death. The problems are even worse for Mac users, so much so that last month, Firefox developer Colin Barrett broached the question on his blog: What sucks about Firefox on the Mac? […]

  222. Do you think Firefox is Becoming Bloated? »Technology News | Venture Capital, Startups, Silicon Valley, Web 2.0 Tech replied on May 17th, 2007:

    […] Statistics are hard to come by, but our own experiences with the browser include crashes, memory hogging, molasses-slow page loads and the spinning beach ball of death. The problems are even worse for Mac users, so much so that last month, Firefox developer Colin Barrett broached the question on his blog: What sucks about Firefox on the Mac? […]

  223. TechTear :: T_T :: Blog Magazine de Tecnologia » Está gordo Firefox? replied on May 21st, 2007:

    […] Sin dudas este es uno de los principales problemas de Firefox, el cual es más grave para los usuarios de Mac. Ahora los ojos estan puestos en Firefox 3, que estará disponible a finales de 2007. ¿Escuchará Mozilla el pedido de sus usuarios y volverá a ser el navegador ligero del comienzo? […]

  224. Q replied on May 24th, 2007:

    Here at our school lots of teachers and pupils used Firefox until we moved the home directories to Apple Xsan. Since then, using Firefox is no longer possible since it now says:”A copy of Firefox is already open. Only one copy of Firefox can be open at a time.” This is bullshit of course. There is no way another copy of Firefox could be running. So since then everyone is forced to use Safari.

    This documents the thing I don’t like about Firefox for Mac. It just doesn’t behave like a Mac application. This is the only app that has a problem when running on xsan.

    And I agree that it should also respect system wide settings such as proxy settings, path to download folder, home page and stuff like that.

  225. sahar1902 replied on May 25th, 2007:

    This is late, but I would like it to be a little leaner. Safari sucks up my RAM, which is uncalled for when I am looking at simple websites. I have programs that I use that actually need the RAM so Firefox and any browser I have dealt with on my mac needs to be leaner.

  226. matteo replied on May 26th, 2007:

    I am a web developer using Firefox. I hate it’s slowness and terrible frequency of spinning beachball! Especially with plugins…think it gets even worse. I have a core 2 duo mac.

  227. doctormelodious replied on June 2nd, 2007:

    I keep my browser window full-screen sized on my 12” iBook. When I open a new window, the top of the new window is NOT at the top of the screen. It is right below the bottom of the title bar of the previous window. The status bar is BELOW the viewing area. So, I have to DRAG the window up to the top of the screen so that I can see the whole thing.


    Other than that, there’s an awful lot about FireFox that I love. I would just love it even more if you would fix the window positioning issue.

    Thanks! DoctorMelodious

  228. alepet70 replied on July 31st, 2007:

    What do you think about an option in order to save document downloaded in different directory? One for each site if necessary!

    As for remember password.

    My bank’s document downloaded and saved separatly from other type for example.

  229. alias replied on August 24th, 2007:

    Firefox overall SUCKS on the mac, how’s that for specific ?

    open - slow speed - slow functions - slow everything - slow

    its not faster fox on the mac, more like slow as hell fox

    when can we expect this to get fixed ?

    Safari is the browser of all browsers especially on the mac it still puts the fox to shame

  230. Zip replied on September 10th, 2007:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, provide inline viewing of PDFs on Intel Macs — with the ability to search the text, copy pieces of it, and/or save it to one’s hard drive.

    It drives me CRAZY to open links with the intention of just seeing what they contain, and then later notice there are a whole lot of useless files on my desktop, and I have to stop what I’m doing to sort them out and throw them away. What an absolute waste of time and effort!

    Not to mention, PDF files are either automatically opened in Preview (where I must then adjust the size of the text to read it) or in Adobe Reader, which takes a long time to load and fills the screen — and then I have to find my way back to Firefox.

    Other wishes:

    1. Provide for the toolbar just one button which either refreshes a page or stops it from loading, depending on whether the page has already stopped loading.

    2. Make it possible to open the sidebar very wide when viewing either History or Bookmarks, so that not just the titles but the addresses are visible.

    3. Make it possible to search the addresses, and not just the titles. (Sometimes I know what site I was at, but not the title for the page.)

    4. Make it possible to edit/organize Bookmarks in the sidebar — that is, on the fly, when you’ve gone to look for something and realize that something else is out of place.

    5. When you’re in the sidebar, and you control-click an entry, and select “Properties” have the date of that entry be included in the information that came up.

    Looking forward to seeing some (all?) of this wish list realized!

  231. carlco replied on September 17th, 2007:

    errors and sluggish loading its def. slower than safari and ive had enough of it. sorry guys the plugins and stuff have made this buggy and slow ive just imported my bookmarks back into safari and wont be coming back to ff for the foreseeable future

  232. drbayer replied on September 26th, 2007:

    I know this list is getting a bit stale, but I just want to reiterate what some others have said - don’t skip form items (drop downs, buttons, etc.) when using keyboard navigation within a web page. Some of my LoB apps are drop-down heavy, and I’m about to drop Firefox because of it.

    Firefox also tries to download certain web pages as files rather than render them (some “do” and “asp” pages). These same pages work correctly on the PC in IE6 & IE7, and in Safari on the Mac. I’ve also tested with Konqueror on Linux, and the pages that I’ve tried work properly there as well.

  233. Arcane Device replied on October 2nd, 2007:

    10.4.10 Dual G5, 2 gigs RAM.

    I’m not using Firefox any more. After being used for any length of time it just fails to work.

    Among the problems:

    1. Quit will not work from the menu.

    2. Pages will not respond to clicks.

    3. Text cannot be entered.

    4. Graphics will not load.

    Emptying the cache can sometimes solve 3 and 4 but he only way to solve the others is to restart the browser.

    Better cookie handling would be good as well. I hat tot have to click through windows to find one stary cookie I accidentally blocked. Opera handles this much better. Cookie site-specific option by right clicking on the window.

  234. Mithil replied on October 11th, 2007:

    I have to back what scotty321 says:

    The built-in ability to view embedded PDF’s WITHIN the browser window, instead of having to download them separately. We don’t want to have to install the bloated Adobe plug-in for this (not even sure if it works within Firefox), but viewing PDF’s should all be done inline like Safari does. Safari has inline PDF browsing WITHOUT the need for any additional plug-ins. This saves our desktops from being completely cluttered up with useless PDF files, and Firefox for Windows already has this feature built into it.

  235. AustinHealey replied on October 17th, 2007:

    b/w mac G3, OS 10.3.9. FF

    I’ve used Firefox for several years, generally love it, but am getting ready to abandon it.

    Main reasons are TOO SLOW (app startup is OK, but downloads often slow to a crawl, spinning black balls and beachballs, etc.) Also, the crashes (most often), freezes (sometimes) and occasional kernel panics (not sure if FF to blame for those, but …) are getting ridiculous.

    I assume some of this is a FF memory leak, because if I remember to quit the app every once in a while and restart, it usually doesn’t happen (and it’s set to flush cache automatically on shutdown).

    Sometimes doing a deep “clean” of the Mac will speed it up, but other times not. And sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s not. As I write this, FF is crawling, so I switched over to Safari which is zipping along with no problem (“zipping” on a g3 being relative, of course …)

    I also use the Windows version on a PC laptop and it seems to be much faster, but still quits from time to time. However, it’s still 8 billion times better than Explorer.

    So thanks for developing FF. but PLEASE see if you can make it faster. Many thanks

  236. Terry O'Gara replied on October 24th, 2007:

    More Bookmark requests:

    1. When adding a bookmark to a folder, I’d like to be able to see the bookmarks that are already in there, keeping me from the adding the occasional duplicate.

    2. I’d like to be able to either A) control the number of recent folders available to add a bookmark to. Currently the number is 4. Or B) switch out recent folders for a number of preferred folders in frequent use.

  237. stevnewb replied on November 1st, 2007:

    Anti Firefox Virus

    I need some feedback from other Firefox users on the Comcast access to internet.

    I’ve picked up some kind of disabling virus which prevent Firefox from reaching ANY servers, and I don’t know how to get rid of it.



  238. Dave replied on November 7th, 2007:

    I’ve just switched back to safari for most browsing. Firefox on my macbook is WAY to unstable, I have to kill the process 1-2 times a day because it eventually starts hanging and/or rendering pages incorrectly.

  239. Gordon replied on November 12th, 2007:

    Text rendering bugs (for example, the half-bold behavior -, as well as the inability to display character card suits (hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs) are among the most disappointing unfixed items for me in Firefox 2 Mac.

  240. Derek replied on November 14th, 2007:

    Darn - me too. Have used FF in both Mac OS X and PC Windows (I rarely use the windows machine). FF Mac has become so slow at rendering pages and completing downloads. Looks like I’ll have to switch to Safari 3.0 - which is much faster. Darn.

  241. Apple is Not Fruit » Help improve Firefox on the Mac replied on November 14th, 2007:

    […] read more | digg story […]

  242. NB replied on November 15th, 2007:

    although already mentioned: - enable cmd-click on bookmarks (-> open in new tab) - enable context menu for bookmarks - preview of live-bookmarks is better in windows (“first 4 words rather than 2 first and 2 last”) - a tooltip showing the whole line would be great

    (you get it, i’ve used firefox on windows … ;-)

  243. alan replied on December 9th, 2007:

    not sure if anyone else has this problem, but when i log on to my laptop, the pop up window that instructs you to move the firefox icon into the application folder comes up. is it supposed to be this way? can i turn it off somehow? and if it’s supposed to be that way, firefox should do away with that step.

  244. carole stein replied on February 8th, 2008:

    History is not working - I am running the latest version of Leopard on Firefox 2.0012 - I am going back to either Camino or Safari - I need my history!

  245. olivier refalo replied on February 27th, 2008:

    • ESC key in search bar doesn’t behave the same as in URL Bar

    • Slowness

    • no native integration with KeyStore

    • no native integration with firewall settings

    Check Camino… it does it all. The thing is also blazing fast…

  246. Jon replied on April 17th, 2008:

    What sucks about firefox?

    That’s only half the question. What really sucks is this:

    I use a very PDF heavy CRM system which is a joy in safari, and a bitch to use in Firefox

    I also do a lot ofediting in wordpress which is a bitch in safari and a joy in firefox

    So the question really should be: why can’t we have one mainstream browser that just works.

    Oh, and why does firefox have to be so dog ugly.