Bronze, Not Iron

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

I was going to do IronCoder V this weekend. It was going to be great. I would draw a scrollbar and make it scroll up and down onto a CG surface and then spin it around humorously (for those who don’t know, I’ve been a little preoccupied with them). Might even have put Dino in there too somewhere. Fortunately, a happy coincidence occurred while I was surfing through the links on the ironcoder site about screensavers:

I re-discovered jwz’s diary from 1994.

A cautionary tale, indeed. (I think I spot a rheet reference in there). So, after reading through it, I decided that I should probably avoid doing additional programming this weekend, just to be on the safe side. sspitzerMsgMe made an offhand comment about mountain biking last night, and I realized that I haven’t gone hiking since I moved out here. I’ve always loved the woods—I grew up within walking distance of some amazing hiking. I also recently read Bill Bryson’s excellent A Walk In The Woods about hiking the Appalachian Trail, which made me pine terribly for the forests of my youth. With all that in mind, I decided to get my Google on and look for my first hike.

There are an amazing number of places to hike in the Bay Area! I found the excellent, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for places to hike (if anyone has better suggestions, feel free to leave a comment). After clicking mostly randomly on some places on the page for the South Bay near Mountain View, I found the Monte Bello Open Space Preserve, which looks perfect. Long and hilly enough to be challenging (and thus rewarding), and it looks like a nice survey of the types of vegetation and scenery in the area.

Oh, and I chose my metal (mettle?) as bronze after seeing casts of, among others, The Gates of Hell and The Thinker last night. (Thanks JT for showing us around!).


  1. dbaron replied on March 31st, 2007:

    Yeah, Monte Bello is an especially nice place to hike around this time of year (March-May or April-May, not sure exactly since I haven’t been up this year, although I was thinking of going today).

    You can see some of the places I generally hike in this area by looking at the locations and photos in my geotagged photos, or just at my flickr photos.